Why are yellow strands?

First, could be to break the rules of hair coloring, as a result often appears yellow. The quality of the selected funds, dyeing time and the procedure can lead to distortion of the result.

Second, hair wash with contaminated water could cause yellowing of the hair. Strands, past clarification, devoid of pigment, given by nature, and therefore have no natural protection. And if your tap water flows, within which there is a solid amount of rust or iron salts, it is not necessary to wash it over his hair. Unprotected by nature highlights better to rinse with filtered water, which will not give them a yellowish tint.

And, third, returning again and again, the yellow highlighted hair especially in the dark dirty hair. It's like they are in constant desire to return to natural color, which was attended by the corresponding pigment.

Anti yellow hair

A special shampoo against yellowness of hair is created to neutralize yellow pigment. Such shampoos include toners silver tone. Included in their structure of the violet pigment, a muted yellow shade of hair. But do not forget about the accuracy of the use of such salves, and tonics. They are less harmless than they seem, and is able to paint hair in ashy or even purple color, if not in time to wash the head.

In addition, the market today are shampoos designed specifically for gray hair. They are effective in the fight against yellow bleached strands, thanks to these herbal components such as chamomile, nettle and birch.

Despite the fact that the hair weave is a fairly young method of dyeing hair, there are many folk methods, coping with a yellowish tint bleached strands. The best of these tools is considered a honey mask. It is only necessary to heat it in a water bath, and carefully enveloping each strand, apply to hair. After you must head to wrap a towel and wear a shower cap to retain heat and increase the efficiency of honey. Three hours later, the mask can be washed off.

What to look for in the store?

Popular today in the fight against the yellow highlighted hair are tools such as balsam "Irida" pearl tone shampoo company "Estelle" pearl-ash, low tide and conditioner from L'oreal Preference color is "Viking".