Take a large piece of fabric but difficult to spill from the edges – well suited thin felt or drape. The edges of the hoodieand not be treated, therefore, prefer material that does not require treatment with zigzag and overlock.
For sewing the hoodieand measure the chest circumference by placing a centimeter at the most exposed parts of the chest and shoulder blades, and holding it under the arms. Add to the girth of the chest of 20 cm the resulting figure equals the required length of your piece of fabric.
Fabric width should be equal to one and a half meters. On the chest, back and under the arms in the hoodiee provided inserts. The width of the back panels, equal to 14 cm, chest – 7 cm + 7 cm, under the arms, each panel 10 cm.
Subtract these figures from the total length of fabric you have calculated, add 20 cm to the bust, and divide the resulting figure by 4. The resulting number is called "X". Lay the garment on a flat place and draw it perpendicular to the strip edges.
The first strip should be the width of 7 cm, next cm, then 10 cm, X cm, 14 cm, X cm, 10 cm, X cm, 7 cm Instead of the X put the number that you received after your individual calculations.
On the upper edge of the hoodieand make the openings for neck and arms, shortening inches stretches to make the neck front and back. Sideband will reduce by 20-25 cm, to the arm openings.
Of the remaining pieces of fabric cut six strips of length 10 cm and width 2 cm to make the clasp. Pristrochite three pieces on each of the side panels the front of the hoodieand on each strip, put a clasp in the form of buckles or rings.
Fabric straps fold wrong sides together and prostrochite. Fold the hoodie on the planned lines and prostrochite it to 0.5 cm from the fold. Stitch the shoulder seams. On the sides make cuts to the costume does not restrict your movements.