You will need
  • towel and ice;
  • - aspirin;
  • - med;
  • yogurt;
  • - cucumber;
  • - painkillers;
  • - antibacterial creams;
  • - lotions and creams after shaving.
If you experience skin irritation after shaving, try applying it cold compress. This remedy soothes the skin, relieves inflammation and reduces itching. To prepare this poultice you can wet a towel in cold water, you can also wrap a few pieces of ice. This procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a day.
A very effective remedy for inflammation and redness is common aspirin. A solution of this drug helps to get rid of irritation caused by shaving. To prepare this solution, crush two aspirin and mix them with a teaspoon of warm water to a paste. Apply this solution on the skin and leave for 10 minutes. When the procedure is completed, rinse the solution with warm water. We perform this procedure daily twice a day. Do not use this method if you have sensitive skin.
The antibacterial properties of honey can also be used in the fight against skin irritations. In addition, the honey moisturizes the skin and prevents infection. To prepare the treatment solution you need to mix a teaspoon of honey with a tablespoon of yogurt. Apply this solution on the skin for approximately 20 minutes. When the procedure is completed, rinse the solution with warm water. Do this daily 3-4 times a day until complete recovery of the skin.
Anti-inflammatory properties and cucumber, it helps stop inflammation. Cucumbers also possess analgesic properties due to which it is possible to get rid of burning and itching. Freeze the cucumber slice in the freezer, then apply it on the skin for 10 minutes. This procedure done several times a day to completely get rid of the irritation.
To combat the irritation, you can use painkillers, such as "Lidocaine", "Bacitracin" or "Neosporin" in the form of ointments. These tools can help to fight the itching and burning of the skin.
For getting rid of irritation and burning sensation you can use the usual aftershave, do it twice a day (morning and evening). You can also use any antibacterial cream, e.g. hydrocortisone.
Try to use lotion after shaving, just be careful that its composition was not alcohol, it must not be flavoured. The presence of irritations, makes the skin extremely sensitive, the contact of alcohol will only exacerbate the situation. Prefer lotions with high moisturizing properties. It is desirable that they comprised glycolic or salicylic acid. These substances help prevent infections.