Peculiarities of the procedure of plucking eyebrows

After the procedure of plucking eyebrows are becoming more distinct form. Do not forget that facial expression largely determines this form, so when plucking keep in mind the features of the face. For each type of entity you can pick the perfect eyebrow shape. A square face is the perfect long curved form, round, rounded, oval – arched eyebrows, and a triangular – upward and rounded. There are several tips on how to pluck eyebrows so they turned out beautiful, and after this procedure did not irritation on the skin.

Care of the eyebrows after plucking

It is important not only to pluck eyebrows, but also to care after this painful process. After the procedure is recommended to treat the skin with antiseptic. In addition, to relieve redness can be applied to eyebrows swab soaked with cold water. Packs of oils help to soften damaged skin. A mixture of various oils perfectly relieves irritation.

To prepare a soothing compress, mix 10 grams of sunflower, linseed or peach oil and add 5 grams of castor oil. This mixture can be supplemented with camphor oil, but you can take only a few drops.

After 5-7 minutes after plucking apply eyebrow gel or cream. Perfect cream that contains aloe or other herbs.

Weakened eyebrows will not prevent the poultice of olive oil. Saturate a cotton harness or tampons oil and apply to eyebrows, covering a strip of parchment. The result of this procedure will not take long.

There are even special masks for eyebrows. They relieve the irritation, while softening and nourishing the skin. Perfectly valid mask of dried figs and milk. For its preparation should seethe figs in hot milk. Cooked weight put on the gauze or cloth and apply to eyebrows, kept an hour. An hour later, the irritation will pass.

To avoid redness, before plucking thoroughly wash your hands and face. Pat eyebrows a disinfectant, it or alcohol wipe the tweezers. In any case do not apply on eyebrow cream, otherwise the procedure will be more painful and irritation will be avoided. To pluck eyebrows without pain help treatment of this area with a piece of ice. The most efficient ice from herbal infusions. The cold anaesthetises and relieves skin sensitivity.