If you shave your legs with a machine, be sure to use only sharp blade. Otherwise there will be irritation on the skin. Do not forget to apply shaving foam, because in its composition has the antibacterial components. Do not replace the foam with soap and water, otherwise the redness will not be avoided.
Never peredergivaete on the legs and a special cream for depilation. It also damages the skin, causing redness. Always rinse it off a little before he expired the right amount of time (3-7 minutes), especially if you have sensitive skin.
After removal of unwanted vegetation in all cases, apply a special moisturizing cream after shaving, even if you use wax strips or an epilator. The cream includes special ingredients that not only kill germs but promote healing of microcracks in the skin and also nourish it and make soft.
If irritation is already there, then dilute alcohol tincture of calendula with water (50/50). The resulting lotion wipe your feet several times a day. Calendula very quickly reduces redness and promotes healing of the skin. The feet treatment lotion need to until the irritation passes.
Remove hair only from the skin – this will help avoid redness. Before the procedure thoroughly wash the skin with soap and water or treat scrub, if you sometimes grow hairs. Sensitive skin before waxing wipe with an alcohol based lotion and then apply the shaving cream.
Following these simple rules, you forget that annoyance bother you. If the redness continues to occur, think about hair removal in the beauty salon. The uninstall wizard will remove unwanted hair and treat the skin with a special lotion. Sometimes it is so cannot solve the problem.