Russian post, which has more than 42 thousand outlets, provides remittances even in the most remote areas of our country. Today it is the largest partner and a very serious competitor to the banking system of the Russian Federation in the field of transfers of funds throughout the country. A huge advantage of transfer by mail is that the electronic "Cyber Money" allows to transfer money in Russia between physical and legal persons.Money transfers can be done, coming in any post office of the Russian post. It is very important to fill out the postal transfer form 112эф. You should have:1. passport.2. reliable information about the recipient of a money transfer (full name or business name, accurate address, postcode, no po box).3. index and residence address of the sender or address of stay.4. money. The maximum amount of translation is equal to 500 thousand. rubles, with the exception of remittances received from the sender to the account departments of Mail of Russia of 250 thousand roubles (except for transfers of a social nature).For registration mail transfer money in Russia to have Russian citizenship is not required, but foreign nationals may need to present the migration card with the temporary places of registration.At the post office operates a centralized system for tracking the movement of each mail translation, thanks to which excludes the possibility of misuse of remittances. Embedded and geographically expanding technology of affixing barcodes on forms of postal orders, whereby the service time of each customer is significantly reduced.