You will need
  • Delivery notification
  • Passport
First you need to notice about the delivery of translationand in the near future to your home a post office of the Russian Federation. The postman delivers it to your site and leaves in the box because according to the rules, such notices do not require delivery in person. So check your Inbox, grab your passport and go to the post office to obtain cash.
If you have difficulty in finding the post office or afraid to get into a break, read carefully the form of the notice. There is mandatory specify the branch number, his address and work schedule.
At the post office tell the operator responsible for the receiving and delivery of mailings, the notice and identification. Next, you will receive a special form of support, which should make your passport details and the date of receiving the translation. The operator will give you cash, will return your passport and ask you to sign the receipt in the form following internal accounting. Your signature on the receipt will be the completion of the receiving process of mail transfer. You don't take a dime of payment, as this service is paid by the sender at current rates of Mail of the Russian Federation.