Go to the nearest post office and take the form of electronic transferand instructions necessary for carrying out the financial transaction information. The form has two sides, but to send the translationand you need to fill only the front side.
How to make mail <strong>translation</strong>
Look at the post office fill pattern, if you are not sure of the correct fill without guidance. Fill out the form, putting in the top of the amount of the transferand name and exact address of the person whom it is intended. For the administration of legal entity you will need to specify its name, Bank account details (TIN, settlement account, Bank name, BIK and the correspondent account) and mailing address. Next, write your own details, and in the lower part of the form your passport details.
How to make mail <strong>translation</strong>
Give the completed form to the operator together with cash to be sent. Pay the fee for the provision of financial services. Take from the operator the receipt confirming the transfer of funds and acceptance for execution of your order. Save this receipt until confirmation of receipt of the shipment by the addressee. It will be proof in the resolution of controversial issues related to the implementation of a financial transaction.