To talk about integrity, you need to understand what it is. This word is derived from the root "principle". It turns out that a principled person is one who acts based on their principles, certain beliefs.

The principle is the inner attitudes, his reaction to the external world. How he acts in one way or another in different conditions. This action is always conscious.

Until faced with certain circumstances in which you must make a decision that is at odds with his views, the man does not think about their principles. If he makes a decision that is contrary to his inner world, he renounces his principles. So often the person is not in violation of the General rules, just to keep their principles. Sometimes this leads to quite opposite results. Such excessive hardness and obstinacy, he can destroy relationships with others and loved ones. A man of principle is hard to reverse itself, to do what's best, to compromise their principles. He thinks that if he acts by necessity in a certain situation, he would be accused of unscrupulousness. For him it is very hard to take.

The integrity of such a person is associated with strength of character. It restricts his actions, does not be flexible in making decisions. Such a person is very difficult to be in harmony with others. Because life is multifaceted. And it is not always possible and the need to act only in accordance with its internal rules. Need to partially adapt to others, to listen to the wishes of relatives and dear people.

Often principles developed in childhood, they would impose on parents. Sometimes at a young age the person adopts some fundamental views on certain questions from their friends and acquaintances. Often he can't even explain why acting on a particular principle. So very often endures because of this.

And unscrupulous man always acts according to the situation. Today, he can do so, as it is more convenient and more comfortable, not to argue with superiors, not to go to conflict with others. It does not vitiate the principles. Of course he could have, but with ease they received.

Each person decides what to be. Maybe you shouldn't "cave in" to all, but still some flexibility in the decision-making should be for everyone.