You will need
  • Mobile phone, PC, USB cable, card reader, Bluetooth device
Download music to your phone via USBcable.

In order for this way to transfer to your cell phone music, you need to install on your PC the appropriate software. Usually need to do this comes complete with a cell phone, as well as the USB cord. Install the program on your PC from the supplied disc and then connect your computer to your phone using a USB cord. In the dialog that appears, select "Music" and drag it to the folder of the desired musical composition.
Download music to phone using a Bluetooth adapter.

If your phone supports data transfer via Bluetooth, you need to perform the following steps. Via the USB port connect to PC Bluetooth transmitter, and then install the software that should come bundled with the device. With the help of the installed program identify your phone and sync connection with it. To transfer music to the phone, scroll to the desired song and click right-click on them, select "Transfer via Bluetooth". Don't forget to confirm on the phone that each resulting composition.
Download music to phone using card reader.

If your phone provides flash cards to transfer music this way you will need a card reader (for flash cards on a PC). Connect card reader to computer and insert the flash card. Finds the device as a removable disk. Locate the folder on a flash card a folder called "Music". After you open it, you can only copy music into this folder. This is the fastest method of all.