You will need
  • - Nokia Phoenix.
To restore the operating state of the mobile phoneand a Nokia use Phoenix. Download this utility and install it. Now, prepare your mobile phone to recovery. Remove SIM card and a flash drive, if any.
Connect the phone to the computer using USB or COM cable. Click "device Manager" and make sure that your mobile phone is decided by the system. Press 4-5 times power button the phone. Each press and hold 2-3 seconds. After some time in the devices list, you should see two new equipment. Make sure that their names not marked with an exclamation mark.
Charge the battery of the mobile phoneand 60 percent or more. This is to prevent total discharge in the process of the firmware. Run Phoenix and select No Connection. Then click on File and select Open Product.
Select the model of your mobile phoneand click OK. Tab Flashing and select Firmware Update. Click the Search button, located next to Product Code. Select any available product code containing the description of the word Cyrillic or EN. It is necessary to use the Russian language in the menu phone. Click OK after you select the appropriate product code.
When you return to menu, Firmware Update, check the box next to the option Dead Phone USB flashing. Immediately after that press the Refurbish button located at the bottom of the work window. In the process of repair process phoneand will be populated with the Output menu. When it appears Press the phone's power button, press and hold for 2-3 seconds the power button of the phone.
Wait until the restore firmware. It will be completed after the window appears, containing the inscription Product flashing succeeded. Disconnect the phone from the computer and test it.