You will need
  • - insulated wire
  • - balloons
  • pump for balls
Take required a piece of wire and formed from it the shape of a heart. This is the frame of the product. The ends of the wire well fix tape between them.
Heart enough one pack of balloons (100 pieces). Inflate them with a pump. The ball should be 10-12 cm in diameter, no more.
Needed from 4 balls to make a bundle. To do this, first formed balloons in pairs and then twisted between two pairs. Get a block of 4 pieces.
Each received a bunch of strung on the frame. For mounting, it is sufficient to scroll between two balls of the bunch and all will be held.
On the same principle fills the entire frame with blocks of balls. And get a beautiful result.
Such a heart for decorating the Banquet hall for the wedding the newlyweds can easily make your own. After all, making balls is not cheap, and such design can save considerably.