The contents of the mentally ill at home

In Russia there are some specialized institutions, where you can make a mentally ill person for whom there is no one to look after the house. The queue at the boarding schools is very large. If psikhbolny no relatives that after the full course of the treatment can take him home and provide complete care, the patient is in a psychiatric hospital until, until place in a specialized institution, and the bodies of social protection will prepare the necessary documents.

In other cases, the relatives of a mentally ill patient has no choice but to keep him home or not. In the acute stage of the disease when the patient may harm himself or others, needs inpatient treatment. In remission is an outpatient maintenance treatment.

When the content of the mentally ill at home someone from members of the family should systematically be nearby. Leave one patient suffering from mental illness, not even in a period of stable remission.

If you are not able to care for the mentally ill, you can apply to the nursing company, which is in all the major cities, and hire specialized staff to provide round the clock care.

To ensure its own security in the access area of a mentally ill person should not be stabbing, cutting or heavy objects, household chemicals, medicines, ropes, and other objects, which can be used to harm others or to commit suicide.

In the period of remission the patient is prescribed maintenance treatment. Antidepressants, antipsychotics, and other psychoactive substances, you must issue the patient personally and see to it that the patient really accepted, and not thrown in the trash.

Tips for caring for a mentally ill patient

Keep calm in any situation. If the patient is on the background of maintenance therapy began to behave aggressively, suffers from insomnia, could not sit, lie down, rushes around the apartment, call the doctor or ambulance.

Do not lose vigilance for a single moment. A mentally ill person is unable to adequately control their actions. At any moment there may be a relapse of the disease, and the patient will be dangerous to others, can harm their own health or to make suicide attempts. Immediately call an ambulance.

Mentally ill require periodic hospitalization. Learn from the physician, the timing of such therapy and promptly transport the mentally ill to conduct the admission.