The most modern and fastest way of obtaining a passportand more recently is the Internet. To get the coveted document you do not have to waste time in queues or take time off from work early. All you need is a computer and access to the global network.
Go to the website It is here that services like issuance of passports of the old sample, and a biometric. Find on this page the section "my account" and sign up there. After a week or two to your e-mail should receive a letter which will contain the activation code of your personal page.
Next you will need to enter the code and complete all necessary paperwork. With samples of filling of forms and documents you will be able to see on the same electronic resource. It is very important to fill all the documents, but if you will make errors when filling, you will be contacted by a specialist of the migration service and point them out. He will appoint the date of receipt of the passport.
If you are going to issue the international passport of the old sample, photos you can send along with other documents as an attached file. In the case of a biometric document you will have to come to the migration service Department in order to be photographed.
Upon receipt of the passport you hold should be documents confirming the data that you have filled on the website. The list of these documents is as follows: original passport and its copy, the application for issuance of passportand 3 color photos. Also you will need to pay the state fee and present the receipt of payment. The state duty for the biometric passport for an adult is 2500 rubles, for a child - 1200 rubles, for the old passport for a child you are required to pay 300 rubles, for adults - 1000 rubles. In addition, men from 18 to 27 years old must bring a military ID with a mark military service, and those who have not served a certificate from the military office.