The basic requirement for arriving to the Republic of Kazakhstan and want to look at a residenceis the proof of their solvency. In order to obtain a residence permit, you must submit a number of documents. It includes the application form (the form of the established form is issued to the migration police); a document which certifies the identity (this is the internal passport and its copy); witha view ofiteljstvo about marriage or the birth of children (if you move with family); the petition is the abandonment of permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan to the head of the migration police Administration; four photos 3,5x4,5 cm; detailed curriculum vitae; criminal record certificate; medical certificate; consent from the owner of the property in which you are going to live; receipt for payment of the fee; the document confirming your solvency.
How to obtain <strong></strong> <b>permit</b> <em>Kazakhstan</em>
In order to begin the design viewand on the residence, you have to live officially in the country for at least three years. Officially it means that you on arrival issue a temporary registration and regularly before the deadline, when necessary, extend it. After, based on these papers, you can prove that you are on the territory of the country required time.
How to obtain <strong></strong> <b>permit</b> <em>Kazakhstan</em>
If you comply with all the conditions of stay on the territory of the Republic and do not violate current legislation, the authority of the migration police must give you permission to permanently reside in the country.
To refuse to issue a permit you can for the following reasons: if you are an illegal migrant, a person released from places of imprisonment, the perpetrator of crimes against humanity, persons who did not provide confirmation of its solvency, the carrier of the virus that can cause an epidemic. Remember that to apply you need only in person. Because the Consulate General is not responsible for lost documents that were mailed.
How to obtain <strong></strong> <b>permit</b> <em>Kazakhstan</em>