The rights and responsibilities that attach to permanent residence

Permanent residence on the territory of another state almost equals the owner of this permission to the resident. So, he is entitled for the indefinite visa-free stay in the country, education and medical care on the same conditions as the local population. People with permanent residence can also open up your business and make transactions with real estate, has the opportunity at any time to travel and to be back and to be protected by the laws of the country in which he resides. In addition, people with permanent and much easier to subsequently obtain citizenship, although they do not require.

In addition to numerous rights permission to relocate and imposes certain responsibilities. Among them, for example, transfer the state all the necessary taxes levied on residents, and compliance with all applicable on the territory of the state rules.

Despite all the advantages, not permanent residence provides a person with a passport of another country, do not give him the right to work in the police, to occupy military posts, to vote and to be elected to any public authorities. In addition, those who have a permit for permanent residence, usually no access to any Federal benefits enjoyed by the local population with citizenship.

How to obtain permanent residence

Permission for permanent residence each state provides own terms. As a rule, this requires to live in the country for a few years, leaving behind it the aisles of a specified number of times and for a specified period.

To obtain permanent residence can also children of residents that have previously lived abroad, or spouses of residents. In the latter case, quite often you first need to prove to the migration authorities that the planned marriage is not fictitious. This organization is very serious about granting permanent residence, watching the interpersonal relationships of spouses. To obtain the permit while it is often possible only a few years after the marriage.

A permit for permanent residence also frequently issued to foreign persons, in which the interested country. It can be proven experts in the field of science and technology, Finance, national security, famous athletes, or cultural figures.

In some countries, permanent residence is issued after foreign nationals buying in the state any property. However, in this case, you might also need to stay there for a certain time.