You will need
  • To obtain a residence permit you must submit the following documents:
  • 1. the application for obtaining a residence permit;
  • 2. autobiography;
  • 3. passport;
  • 4. paper on criminal record or lack thereof;
  • 5. medical certificate;
  • 6. 6 color photos size 40 50 mm;
  • 7. the document confirming legality of stay in Belarus;
  • 8. document confirming the accommodation at the place of intended stay in Belarus;
  • 9. national passport;
  • 10. the leaf of departure from a former residence;
  • 11. a document confirming payment of state duty.
Look at the residence in Belarus is necessary for a foreigner to legally stay on the territory of this Republic. This document provides the status of the holder all those rights which are Belarusians. To obtain a residence permit you need to have a passport.
Look at the residence in Belarus can receive the following categories of people:
1. students in the University of the Republic (for the period of study);
2. relatives of citizens of Belarus, their husbands or wives;
3. for business, employment;
4. having property on the territory of the Republic on the right of private property and living in it;
5. willing to invest in the economy of Belarus (worth at least 150,000 euros).
The Department for citizenship and migration of the district where will be staying, you must submit all documents (listed above) and fill in forms and questionnaires. Partially they have to be in the Belarusian language, so you need to help you. Kind at residence will be ready in approximately 30 days after submission of all documents. It is given for two years, after this period it can be extended for another five years.