You will need
  • enamel for nails;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • a thin brush;
  • - flat brush with an oblique cut;
  • - rhinestones, sequins;
  • top coat with a glossy effect.
Select the picture that you want to accomplish. Its size depends on the length of the nails. On long plates, you can draw a landscape or a flower basket. Short it is better to decorate a small motif or vertical lines that will visually narrow the nails. Consider the shape of a plate – oval, rectangle or sharp stiletto require different drawings.
Consider the combination of colors so that the pattern blends seamlessly with your clothes and makeup. For a complete painting will need 3-4 of the shade and the base tone. Flowers and portraits it is better to paint with acrylic paints, and abstract paintings and patterns suitable polishes with narrow brushes designed specifically for nail art.
You can decorate each nail a separate picture or portray the overall story, "stretching" it on the whole hand. For example, draw on the middle finger the cornflower bouquet or roses, on the index and ring small buds and leaves, and the little finger and big – just swirls of stems and tendrils.
Cover the nail lacquer base beige or cream color. Dry it and start painting. Flat brush with a beveled tip type blue and white paint and draw a cornflower five strokes going from the center to the edge. Place one flower at the bottom of the nail of the middle finger, and the second – but diagonally, from the tip.
On the index and ring depict flowers of a smaller size. Dip a thin brush in green paint and then draw the stems thin strokes. Supplement with a long curly mustache. So the overall picture looked beautiful, follow the symmetry of the lines on all fingers. Last draw leaves. They are run flat brush, which is gaining dark and light green paint at the same time.
Dots of Golden-yellow paint draw midway colors. Complete manicure silver sequins and cover composition a layer of protective ultrablast coverage.
Another interesting option of painting is reminiscent of antique medallions. This manicure will be a very unusual decoration, provided that it is made very carefully. He looks the best on oval or almond-shaped nails. Cover them with two layers of white enamel and wait until dry. Circle each nail a narrow strip of dark pink in a frame.
The plot is located in the center. On a flat brush, dial crimson and white paint and paint a stylized flower that resemble a peony or rose. Draw five petals in the form of a curved, commas, and inside them three more, smaller size. Decorate this picture all the fingers.
Add top and bottom sheets, depicting them with a flat brush dark pink and white colors. Draw first one and then the other half of the sheet a short undulating motion. Decorate the composition with rhinestones, and on the edge of the frame dot crimson. Cover the drawing with protective top and dry thoroughly.