You will need
  • responsible for conducting test measurements;
  • - vehicle for which you want to set the rate of flow.
The responsible person before the vehicle produces control measurements of fuel in the tank, and also records the odometer in a special form, which will later be used for calculations.
For a certain order period, established by the legislation order is filled in waybills that indicate the car mileage and necessary details such as name and waybill number, information about the validity period of directions, information about the vehicle, information about the proprietor (owner) of the vehicle, etc.
At the end of this order period, the responsible person make check metering quantity of fuel in the fuel tank, and then takes readings of the odometer, then the data is also recorded in a special form.
Then determine the distance the car distance per period by comparing the odometer readings at the beginning and end of the reporting period. For example, the mileage at the beginning of the day 1.11.2011 and the end of the day, 30.11.2011. Then define the consumption of fuel during the period based on the number of filled fuel in the tank plus the rest of the day 1.11.2011 and the remainder at the end of the day, 30.11.2011.
In the future, determine the amount of fuel consumed per 100 kilometers according to the following formula: QP / SN *100 km, where QP is the flow rate of fuel during the reporting period. SN - mileage for the reporting period.The results of the calculation acherousia. Further developed the norm of consumption of fuel claims by order of the head of the organization. Then it can be used for the calculation of fuel costs.