You will need
  • - new firmware;
  • - new carburetor;
  • - a set of tools.
Constantly monitor tire pressure. The lack of the desired level of tyre pressure prevents free movement. To overcome this obstacle, the engine should develop more power. In this case, the consumption of fuel increases. Install the tyre pressure sensors. After installing them you will be able to monitor the pressure online. Modern sensors can be installed on the spools instead of caps.
Get rid of clutter. Volga - a fairly large car, so the interior and trunk over time accumulates a lot of unnecessary items. They don't bother to move comfortably, but add unwanted weight. The more weight the car has, the more power the engine has to develop in order to move the car. The Volga itself is very heavy machine. Try not to carry long sacks of potatoes or an old set of tires with rims. This will not only save on fuel but also prolong the life of shock absorbers.
Install the new firmware of the ECU if you have fuel injected model. Now there are many different firmwares. You can choose the right correspondence between the parameters of consumption and power. If you have a carbureted engine, then replace your carb model more economical. The factory put a very voracious carburetors, the appetite of which is practically impossible to reduce.
Try to change your driving style. Not srevices sharply at traffic lights. Slow down the engine rpm by switching to a lower gear. Do not exceed the speed limit. These measures will allow to save not only on fuel but also on penalties. Also reduces the risk of an emergency.
In the winter do not turn on the stove in the newly opened car. Allow the engine to warm up. Try to minimize use of the stove and cigarette lighter, as they are the main causes of reconsumptionand fuel.