In the manufacturing of moonshine, from the selection of raw materials to distillation and purification of the resulting product involved a large number of diverse components. The preparation of the drink will require careful attention to the observance of technology.

What is the technology of preparation of the drink

Preparation of the brew process, which involves many components at once. At some stages you need to carefully follow the temperature regime. One can distinguish the following stages of the process:
- preparation of raw materials;
- fermentation composition;
- distillation;
- purification of the resulting brew;
- giving brew is aromatic, the taste and color qualities.

Muddy the brew has a bad taste and smell, result from the neglect of the requirements of the manufacturing techniques that apply at each of its stages. If you use for moonshine perestaval Braga, get a drink with an unpleasant heavy smell. Assuming during distillation the boiling of the liquid drops at the output of turbid.

If you follow all the steps, it is possible to not particularly muddy, but to improve the smell and taste to spend an additional cleanup. There are a lot of ways.

Cleaning the brew

In the moonshine, a little diluted with water, put some potassium permanganate – just a few crumbs on the tip of a knife. Should be a slightly pinkish color. Then the liquid needs to settle – it will take 2-3 days. On the bottom of the tank deposited black flakes. They should try not to shake when pouring the brew into another container and the fluid to drain more through a double layer of cheesecloth or through cotton wool.

It is possible to clean the activated carbon. Hold it comfortably even in the process of distillation. Coal can be purchased at the pharmacy or in the pet store – the one that is meant for aquarium filters, is quite inexpensive. In the funnel put a piece of cotton, cover with a bandage or gauze. You put it on crushed coal and to substitute a dripping funnel under the moonshine. If it seems that clean is better in capacity available and this option. It is necessary to prepare the crushed coal at the rate of 50 grams per 1 liter of vodka, fill the container and within two weeks to insist. From time to time the mixture must be stirred. In conclusion, all filtered through cotton wool.

Purification using pine nuts. They not only cleanse drink from harmful impurities, but the flavor will soften. Per litre of the brew will need a small handful. Infuse two weeks, filter through cotton wool. Nuts to throw away.