You will need
  • A computer running the Windows operating system monitor.
Each LCD monitor has only one resolution at which it can correctly operate. Sometimes, in order to adjust the sharpness of the images is sufficient to establish that such resolution of the monitor. If you are using Windows XP, look in the manual to use the monitor resolution that you want to install for this model. Then go to "control Panel", select "display Properties" and set the monitor resolution, which is recommended for this model.
If the operating system you are using Windows 7 or Vista, just right click on an empty space on the desktop. In the ensuing context menu, choose "screen Resolution", then a window will appear "Settings" screen. Select "Resolution" and click on the arrow next to that line. Will appear a list of different screen resolutions. In front of one of the options will read "Recommended". This is the screen resolution and select.
Operating systems Windows 7 and Vista you can adjust the sharpness of the monitor that is most convenient for reading of texts and viewing web pages. Again, go to "control Panel" and select "Screen". Left in the program window, select the Clear Type tab. The opening screen will appear, where you select the monitor. If you have one monitor connected to your computer, click "Next". If multiple, select the monitor you want to configure. Further alternately opened several Windows, each of which just select the text that you feel most comfortable to read. Upon completion of the test program adjusts the sharpness of the monitor based on your choice.
To set the overall sharpness is possible, using the panel menu of the monitor. Using the control buttons select the component "Clarity" and set it at the level at which you want to work.