Advice 1: What foods cause the tone of the uterus

Hypertonicity of the uterus – a dangerous condition that threatens the normal course of pregnancy. To provoke pathological tonus, the expectant mother can a variety of factors, including poor diet.
What foods cause the tone of the uterus
Increased tone of the uterus during pregnancy – a natural physiological condition caused by contractions of smooth muscles. If the tone is short and does not occur too often, there is no need for concern. If the abdomen of the expectant mother hardens, often appear discomfort or nagging pain, you should consult a doctor. Long tone of the uterus may lead to unpleasant consequences, ranging from impaired blood supply of the baby, ending in spontaneous abortion.
Among the many causes of increased tone of the uterus, stands out the wrong food. Some products are able to provoke the tone, so they must be excluded from the diet of pregnant women: this food is a direct threat to the unborn child.
Uterine contractions could worsen if future mother often eats the cabbage, beans, soy products. Any food that stimulates gas, improves tone, because the bowel presses on the uterus and causes a muscular reaction. Hypertonicity may occur and the lovers of black coffee. Strong drink increases blood pressure and increases the heart rate. Especially dangerous are frequent drinking coffee in the early stages of pregnancy, when the risk of miscarriage due to hypertonicity of the uterus is quite high. Some doctors do not recommend to abuse and strong tea which also contains caffeine. Some varieties of tea, with tonic properties, should be excluded from the diet during pregnancy. Increased tone of the uterus can cause Chinese PU-erh and other teas high degree of fermentation.
During pregnancy you need to abstain from eating spices and medicinal plants. Even ordinary parsley can trigger the tone. It is also dangerous in large quantities to consume foods rich in essential oils. Decoctions of herbs and berries must also be taken with caution. Anise, cinnamon, cranberry, Bay leaf, barberry, Basil, caraway, fennel, dogwood, fenugreek, nutmeg – all of which can cause uterine contractions, accompanied by a painful pulling sensation in the abdomen. It is best to refuse these foods and spices during pregnancy and not to expose the health of a future baby's risk.

Advice 2: What kind of food is recommended for increased flatulence

Flatulence – a natural process which occurs in the intestine. If the body is all right, he's not giving the person discomfort. However, flatulence, appearing in various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or improper nutrition, can be a very unpleasant thing.
What kind of food is recommended for increased flatulence

Causes of increased gas

Flatulence in humans has two sources. The culprit might be the air swallowed during eating or gases produced by the bacteria operating in the intestine. Excessive swallowing of air results in a hasty meal, as well as the habit of talking with his mouth full, Smoking, chewing gum and drinking carbonated beverages. Flatulence can cause and the use of certain types of carbohydrates, which in the course of evolution humans have not adapted to digest. As a result, the cellulose, chitin, lignin and pectin fall within the large intestine and become food for bacteria, which emit gases.

Malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract can also be the cause of high gas formation. You should consult the doctor and to exclude enzyme insufficiency, impaired motility, bacterial composition of the intestine or problems with absorption.

What can you eat when excessive flatulence

To get rid of the gas, eliminate from your diet foods that provoke him. These are legumes, apples, cabbage, white bread, pears, beer, and carbonated soft drinks. It is desirable to avoid combining protein and starch food. Meat and potatoes also should eat separately. You will benefit from milk products, but milk in this situation it is better not to drink, as the lactose often provokes flatulence. Useful are crisp cereals, particularly millet and buckwheat. Preferably the vegetable is cooked: you can make salads from boiled beets or carrots. The meat that is present on the table, should be exclusively boiled. Choose wheat bread, wholemeal. At the time diets do not visit restaurants with exotic cuisine. The use of unfamiliar dishes can also lead to dire consequences. If you are ready to switch entirely to homemade food, choose places with Russian and European cuisine and order a familiar dish.

It is important not only what you eat but how you do it. Do not overload your stomach, eat small portions four to five times per day. During meals don't talk, don't read or watch TV to avoid swallowing air. Observing all the guidelines, you will be able to get rid of the gas.
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