You will need
  • A few cotton swabs, gloves, cloth and kit for refilling the cartridge.
In order to make refilling the printer cartridge, you do not need a lot of time. For this procedure, you will need a few cotton swabs, gloves, cloth and kit for refilling the cartridge.
To begin, open the cover and remove the empty cartridge from the printer. This procedure required to conduct carefully according to the instructions that comes with the printer.
Next you should find on the cartridge orifice for filling, insert the needle of the syringe (you may feel a slight resistance, don't worry – this is a porous sponge, which is inside) and slowly, with time intervals, so that the sponge time to absorb, pour the ink into the cartridge. To fill the need until, until you see ink in the drain. Then remove the syringe.
Filling and drain hole wipe clean with a cloth.

After you have cleared the hole, they should tightly seal the adhesive tape, so as not to get air inside the cartridge and does not leak ink. When you're finished fueling, disconnect the needle and syringe and rinse well.
Put the cartridge on the table – need to have it protected. It will take time of about 3-5 minutes.

Ustanovit of the cartridge into the printer, but before that, remove the tape with the filling and drainage holes. To install it you need to carefully take the cartridge with two fingers and install to the same place of the translator.

You have installed an ink cartridge in the printer. Now it is advisable to turn on the "cleaning cycle". This cycle needs to turn a few times until you get good print quality.
As you can see, nothing complicated cartridge replacement no. You saved some money than if attributed to the workshop, and accelerated the process, because the repair in a workshop takes time.