You will need
  • In order to fill new toner into the cartridge, you will need the appropriate toner brand, brush or brush and, preferably, household gloves.
You first need to make certain that the cartridgeneeds a new refill. Remove it from the printer, shake it a few times and put it back. If the print is poor quality then the cartridge will still have to fill.
Pull the cartridge out of the printer. You will see that it consists of two parts that are fastened together or special latches, or clamps.
Safely disconnect the two parts and gently shake the spent powder.
Take a brush or brush, and clean the remnants of the old caked toner. In order to do it efficiently you will need to remove the photosensitive drum. You can easily define – it will be pink or blue.
After that, take the new toner and pour it into the cartridge.
Assemble the cartridge in reverse order and put it in the printer. The process is finished, you can start to print.