Advice 1: How to refill color ink jet printer itself

There are a large number of types and models of color inkjet printers. At low private cost of these devices, their operation is quite costly, because the cost of consumables, in particular the original ink, very high. You can reduce printing costs, tucking the printer cartridges and cheaper non-original ink. It is necessary to remember only that this dressing may lead to malfunction of the printer, and you do it at your own risk. Also a good alternative to original cartridges is installed in the printer CISS (continuous ink supply system).
How to refill color ink jet printer itself
You will need
  • kit cartridge refills (depending on the printer model, its configuration may be different).
On the Canon printers, usually installed 2 cartridges – one for black ink, one for color printing. Determine what color of ink used in your printer model. Remove the black cartridge. Seal with tape the nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge. Tear off the sticker at the top of the cartridge. Fill the syringe with 10 milliliters of black ink. Slowly insert the needle of the syringe into the hole in the top of the cartridge 5 mm. Slowly moving the piston of the syringe, inject ink into the cartridge. Glue into place the sticker at the top of the cartridge. Remove the tape from the cartridge nozzle. Install the cartridge into the print carriage.
Remove the color printer cartridge. Immediately seal the nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge. Peel off the sticker from the upper side. Below it will be 3 holes, each leading to a container of a certain color. Important! Correctly determine what color ink is in each tank. Otherwise wrong colors after refilling the cartridge unusable. To determine the color of ink in each tank, insert into the holes easily painted any thin hard object. It can be sharpened matchstick, wooden toothpick, and the like. Fill the syringe with 5 milliliters of ink. Then insert the needle of the syringe into the cartridge hole of 5 mm. Slowly inject ink into the cartridge. Repeat this step with the two remaining containers in the cartridge. Seal the top hole on the cartridge is an old sticker or tape. Peel off the tape from the cartridge nozzle. Install the cartridge into the print carriage.
Turn on the printer. Press and hold "Stop/Reset". After 30 seconds, turn off the printer ink counter and then they can use. This method of resetting doesn't work for all printer models. In this case, use the special software to reset the ink.

Advice 2: How to refill the ink cartridge yourself

If you print a lot on a printer, then perhaps a lot of money spent on ink cartridges. Meanwhile, inkjet printers are still very popular now because not necessarily every time when it runs out of paint, buy a new cartridge. You can just buy ink and refill their cartridge at home. In addition, the bottle of ink lasts a long time.
How to refill the ink cartridge yourself
You will need
  • computer;
  • printer;
  • inkjet cartridge;
  • ink cartridge refills;
  • syringe 5 ml.
Note that actions, which will be described relate to the refueling that is the printer cartridges, but if you have a device three-in-one (printer, scanner, Fax), it is likely that this method of refilling cartridges you will not do.
First you need to buy ink for the printer. You need to buy it for your model. If you want to fill a color cartridge, you will need a few bottles of colored ink, depending on the type of cartridge. For example, the color cartridges Canon printers IP series are filled with three colours (blue, yellow, red). You will also need regular medical syringe (preferably 5 ml) and needle to it.
Turn on the printer. After switching on wait for about ten seconds. Next, open the printer cover. After that, the carriage with the print head needs to travel to the center. Now remove the desired cartridge from the printhead. On top of the cartridge must be plugged. It should be removed. Detach it from the cartridge with a sharp object such as knife.
Now you need to make a hole on top of the cartridge, opposite the printhead, which is at the bottom of the cartridge. Warm at the fire of an ordinary sewing needle, but not too thin, and pierce the cartridge. If you fill the color cartridge depending on the cartridge model, holes need some.
Before you start refilling the cartridge, lay in this place a few Newspapers, because you can accidentally spill the ink. And wash it lightly. View the owner's manual for your printer model, how many ml of ink your print cartridge. This information can also be viewed on the official website of the vendor of the printer.
Fill the syringe the ink. To gain need for one, two milliliters less than is placed in the cartridge. Now with the syringe to pour ink into the hole that you punched. When the ink to be refilled, tape a small piece of tape holes. Now, the next time you fill the cartridge, just enough to unstick the tape.
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