Cartridges for inkjet printers Epson are of two types: foam sponge inside the cartridge with the capillary structure. The first type are representatives of the old line of office and home printers (Color 820/400/440/460/480/600/640/660/740/760/1160), an old professional photo printers Photo 700/750/780/790/870/890/970, etc.) and a new budget household appliances printing (C20/40/42/43 etc.). The second type consists of a new office printer (C63/65/67/70/80/83/84/86/87), old professional Photo 950 and 2100) and professional devices (Photo R200/220/300/320 etc.), as well as simple home models R240. Determine what type your inkjet cartridges.
If you have original ink cartridges Epson first type, remove them from the printer. About how to make this operation, can be found in the user manual. Next, take a piece of cotton wool dipped in the liquid is the Reanimator, or in distilled water, and put it on the fitting to zaborki ink in the printer. Correctly turn the printer off.
Fill the prepared syringe with ink of a certain color. Locate the filling holes are located in the recesses under the label. If they sealed layer of plastic, use a thin drill or awl. Insert the needle to the middle of the cartridge.
Slowly inject the ink into the cartridge to the sponge time to absorb. Do this as long as the puncture does not appear a drop of ink. Gently pull the needle and wipe with a cloth the puncture. Then seal it with tape. Be careful that the ventilation holes on the upper cover of the cartridge should remain open.
Remove excess ink from the cartridge. To do this, insert a match into the hole of the cartridge, and placing her in any capacity, hit on the body. The ink will flow for approximately 1 minute.
Insert the cartridge into the printer by removing wool from the fittings. If you plan to store the cartridge, seal the hole with tape and place it in an airtight bag outlet down.
If you have original ink cartridges of Epson second type, repeat the steps described in step 2. Then take two medical syringes and a rubber eraser. On the output channel of one of the syringes with a sharp knife, make a triangular hole. On the second syringe, put the needle and pinned it on her eraser, which should be moved to the middle of the needle.
Tear off the blue sticker covering the holes on the cartridge. Under it there are two transparent mug. Syringe No. 1 (with notch) insert into the hole located closer to the locking latch of the cartridge. The second hole puncture needle No. 2 (with eraser) to a depth of not more than 2 cm, Remove the plunger from syringe # 2 and pour inside the ink of a certain color. You will need 10 to 35 ml of ink, depending on the specific model.
Hold the syringe 1 to the hole and pump out the ink, and an airtight seal using an eraser. Do this as long as the syringe No. 1 does not appear ink with virtually no air bubbles.
After refueling, cover the puncture site, press the blue shell and turn the cartridge. If after five minutes the ink starts to drip, insert the cartridge into the printer.