Classification of printers as follows:
- jet,
- laser.
In addition, the printers have black and white or color printing. The greatest distribution was received today by printers with color printing and laser black-and-white or color printing.

Replace the print cartridges in an inkjet printer

The inkjet cartridges are small parallelepipeds, on the top side which shows the markings and color of ink. To change the used cartridges to a new need:

1. Open the printer cover, conceal cartridges;
2. Remove used cartridges, follow the instructions shown on the internal side of the cover (where indicated, for which edge to pull to release the cartridge from the slots);
3. Extract the new cartridge from its packaging, remove the protective film from the metal contacts (it usually says "Remove before use" or "Remove");
4. Installing the ink cartridges, respecting the distribution system by color (to be inserted incorrectly will not work, as each cartridge has a unique "key" of the individual attachment system);
5. To close the lid.

If manufacturer provides refill inkjet cartridges with syringe and ink, remove the used cartridge, insert the syringe into the specially provided hole and inject the ink. Then shake the cartridge a few times and reinstall.

Use original cartridges of the manufacturer, as analog often degrade the quality of the print may damage the printer or cause to be cancelled the warranty.

Replacing the toner cartridge in a laser printer

Laser printer cartridges are larger than inkjet, have the form of rectangle with rounded edges and plenty of grooves and on the surface. Notice the toner cartridge in a laser printer, use the following:

1. Open the printer cover.
2. Gently pull the handle of the toner cartridge provided on the housing, upwards-to itself (the cartridge moves in special guide rails). If the toner, wash with hands in cold water, and surfaces with a damp cloth.
3. Remove the new toner cartridge from its packaging, remove the protective film (labeled "Remove" or "Remove").
4. Shake the cartridge several times horizontally.
5. Insert the cartridge into the tray, do not press, cartridge, right once you are on rails, easily turns on the spot.
6. Close the printer cover.

The toner cartridges have the ability to fill a special compound, but doing it at home is not recommended, as the toner enters the body through the respiratory tract and can harm health.