The right to grant the annual leave available to any employee that is established by article 114 of the Labor code. Some managers violate this rule, refusing to send employees on vacation, even in the presence of the specified period in the relevant chart. This behavior is a gross violation of constitutional and labor rights, however, do not immediately call a Supervisory, law enforcement agencies, since often you can correct the problem through negotiations with the employer. As a rule, the head also has objective reasons for refusal to grant annual leave, however, he does not expect of the employee, knowledgeable about their own rights.

How to use the right to leave

Each employee is important to know that in the first year of work with any employer the right to use a full annual leave occurs after six months and subsequently every year. Specific periods are set in the vacation schedule, and the document is binding on the employee, of the employer. This rule is contained in article 123 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation. If the employer refuses to comply with a specified duty properly, does not respond to the request of the employee, it is necessary in the negotiations to refer to the possibility of bringing him to administrative responsibility, after which vacation will still have to provide. In particular, the organization may be punished in accordance with article 5.27 of the RF Code of administrative offences (the penalty in the amount of 30-50 thousand rubles).

What to do in the absence of reaction of the head

If the employer does not agree to give a legal holiday after the negotiations, you should complain to the Supervisory authorities. As such bodies are the labour Inspectorate, the Prosecutor's office. In this case, a particular employee may result in a negative reaction by an employer afterward. That is why you should take measures to avoid negative consequences for the applicant. Anonymous complaints, these bodies are not accepted, however, the employee may request not to reveal his identity. After filing the appeal will test the company identified violations subject to the vacation schedule will be eliminated and the employer brought to the statutory responsibility.