A very popular car to date is the Lada Priora. A good ratio of price and quality, attractive appearance and high performance. Plus there are cars with different models. Not only the wheels with the engine you buy, but power steering, air conditioning, full power accessories, good music. And the price when compared with imported cars of the same class, is much lower. Service prior much cheaper than their imported counterparts.

Fuel system priors

Compulsory fuel injection, which have become classics in the automotive industry, used in cars Lada Priora. The composition of the fuel system:

• gas tank;
• pump and filter located in the tank;
• fuel line;
• pressure regulator;
• fuel rail;
• four nozzles;
• throttle valve;
• intake manifold;
• electronic engine management system.

The work is based on the fact that when the ignition is switched on starts to operate the fuel pump, which builds pressure in the rail. Further, cranking of the engine starter, the electronic control unit opens and closes the injectors, the air / fuel mixture enters the combustion chamber, in accordance with the scheme of work.

After getting fuel into the combustion chamber between the spark plug electrodes produces a spark. There occurs ignition of the fuel and the engine starts. The injector is an electromagnetic valve, for their work responds to the control unit. He or she is responsible for the quality of the mixture ratio of air and gasoline. Sometimes problems arise and you have to disassemble the fuel system for repairs.

Removing the intake manifold

It is removed either for replacement or for the repair of rail and injector. Not superfluous and polishing the intake manifold, this fuel will be easier to get into the combustion chamber. Consequently, the power will increase. Initiate work necessary with reduction of the pressure in the fuel system. It can be done if you remove the fuse for the fuel pump and start the engine.

Wait as long as the engine itself will stall. It will say that the system is not out of gas and the pressure dropped. Now disconnect the battery and proceed to the dismantling of elements of the system. You must first remove the decorative cover located on top of the engine. It is attached at three points. Then proceed to dismantling the air filter. Remove the pipes that fit to it.

Freeing up space, you can start removing the throttle node. Problems with its dismantling does not occur, the main thing – do not twist the screws of the damper. Otherwise, if you badly screw and lock, it can fall out and go into the engine. Then you have to make large repairs, which can be compared with capital. Removing the throttle unit, it is possible to start removing the intake manifold. Installation is performed in reverse order.