Develop self-confidence. Confidently holding the man associated with wisdom and great life experience. Work on yourself. Always praise yourself for achievements, even the smallest. Wean yourself from the negative perception, not to pull out from the context of only negative things.
In this case, remember that confidence does not equal arrogance. To laugh at the misfortunes of others, and to boast of their achievements characteristic of children. The deliberate humiliation of others will lead to the fact that you will seem weak and foolish to others.
Work on your speech, speak calmly and politely. Teenagers are usually associated with stormy energy, they are noisy and impatient. Try to get rid of these traits, learn to listen to others and to control emotions.
Refrain from child-centeredness, less complain and do not talk about yourself incessantly. Mature people realize that nothing is free. Constant nagging will show your incompetence in solving problems.
Work on your vocabulary, try to avoid words-parasites. Also minimize teenage slang. Plenty read good literature to improve your vocabulary.
Learn self-control, although the ability to purchase is not easy even for an adult. In a conflict situation excessive emotional reaction will give you a head. Try next time just to proudly step back from provocateurs.
Watch your posture, because a characteristic stooped posture will give you a notorious teenager. Very often young people do not have time to accept the changes rapidly occurring in their body.
Cut the hair - it's not only guys, but also girls. Strong geometric haircuts to make older the fair sex. Perfect for girls, for example, the caret. And unkempt grown hair, the guy will immediately give his immaturity.
Save your wardrobe from baggy t-shirts and jeans, note the more classic style. This does not mean you have to dress up to match the 40-year-old. But learn to emphasize the dignity of the figure, go to a more calm color scheme.
You should try to eliminate the cheap things from the market. Instead of three, purchased there, it is better to have one, but good quality. Wearing clothing purchased in the market, just to give you teenager.
Guys should choose things by size, adult men rarely go to slipping off the shoulders shirt. Girls are advised to avoid excessive frankness in clothing, because the ostentatious vulgarity associated with stupidity and immaturity.
Guys can grow a beard, if the hair is already tough enough. Otherwise it is better to shave, so as chaotic growing the face fuzz will give you a head.
Girls should wear makeup sparingly, avoiding blush and bright lip gloss. If you want to look older you need to get used to the quiet tones in makeup. Be sure to mask the imperfections of the skin.
Work out. Systematic training will help to get rid of childish plumpness to purchase a proportional figure. For this, you can practice Jogging and doing exercises with weights.