It so happened that nature has created women completely unsuitable for successful confrontation in a fight with men. But this does not mean that she did not oppose the bully, or rapist. A good level of physical and psychological training, knowledge of certain techniques can help the girl in a fight even more than the man.

Physical training

Physical training is the Foundation of all true martial arts. It is impossible to get a good combat training physical. In addition, please note that the average bully is often busy drinking and partying than training. So an advantage to him to easy.

At home you can perform complexes strength exercises – pushups, squats, crunches and others. In the morning, useful to run, but not jog, with the aim of developing the sprint qualities. This will allow to escape in cases when no chance (attack a few people, they are armed, etc.). Good physical shape will improve reaction and quickness, improve figure and health.

Combat training

Combat training is to practice specific techniques, strikes, blocks, escapes, grabs. To teach them any tutorial or video course self defense. And to practice better to invite a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend. If this is not possible, model the techniques in front of a mirror or with an imaginary enemy.. it is still better than nothing. If the house has soft toys, they can work out the bumps and with big toys – some throws, grabs. Learn to beat the opponent on points of pain: in the groin, thigh, Adam's Apple, eyes.

Techniques model to the fully automatic. Remember: better is to work out 2-3 hours than 10-20 superficial. Remember that there is always a fight going on in "ideal" conditions. Learn to protect yourself in the Elevator, on the stairs, on slippery surfaces, heels and chilling clothes, sitting and lying down.


Think about the weapons and how you can use it. For girls it will be a good advantage in a fight with a superior opponent. In some cases, even demonstration of the Taser, pepper spray or knife cools the ardor of the assailant.

From the materials at hand in the fight, you can use a stone and a stick and a bottle and even a stool. Girls often use their sharp heels for hitting the legs, long hair, squirt in the eye from a spray deodorant. It is also important to work out at home the use of weapons and improvised means, at the right time not to get confused and make things right.

Psychological preparation

Remember that in a street fight there are no rules and human relationships. Play it safe, apply the maximum damage to attackers, don't think about the consequences. You are the weaker sex and any court will justify. Remember that "three is better judge than four will suffer".

Don't forget that it is better to avoid a fight than to win it. Don't look for trouble. This means that if you have the opportunity to run away, you run.