How to cook mastic

For decorating sponge cakes often used mastic. It is advantageous and convenient confectionary material based on sugar, with the help of which you can make various original decorations in the form of flowers and floral arrangements. Mastic can be purchased ready-made, and can be done independently.

There are two options for the preparation of pastes – from milk and gelatin. To prepare a dairy option, you need to take milk powder and sugar powder in equal quantity. Then you need to add condensed milk in the same amount. Next, you mix it to the consistency similar to plasticine. Using food coloring you can make any color of your mastic.

Tulips on the cake

For the manufacture of tulips paste colored with food dyes or natural juice (e.g., beet) and roll, simultaneously prisypaya layer of powdered sugar (the thickness of the layer should not exceed one millimeter). Then from the reservoir is taken a small piece, which should take the form of a petal. For this you will serve a few tablespoons. The inner part of the spoon oblepicha with mastic, and the contour of the edge, remove the excess. Ready petals are at first dry, after which they join in the Bud really already the cake. Thus it is possible to make a composition of tulips.


Orchids of confectionery mastic is very similar to real flowers. For preparing such a flower of sweet mastic will need templates. You can purchase cookie cutters and they cut flower petals and leaves. If you buy such molds not possible, then they can be easily made from a dense material, for example of cardboard. The cooking principle is the same as in the preparation of the tulips. Mastic will oblepicha pattern or shape, remove the excess and on the surface of the cake to form a flower.


Roll out a thin layer of paste. Next you need to cut the petals. How much – depends on how lush the flower you want to. With a toothpick, wrap the edges of the petals to give them a more realistic look. The petals need to leave for a few minutes for drying. On the basis of the attach petal by petal, until the flower Bud. You need to attach the layers at the connection point of the previous petals.

Flowers of mastic look very realistic, it is enough to apply a little imagination, and beautiful floral arrangements will surprise guests with its beauty.