Not every hand cream under the fondant. The fondant is powdered sugar. It easily absorbs moisture and melts.

Preparation of the cake

It should be remembered that light and airy cakes, jelly or souffle have a very delicate structure and are not well suited for covering with fondant. If you really really want, you can first arrange them in a wall of cake to keep the shape. However, in this case there is a risk of damaging the tip.

If the cream that you used for greasing the cake, the fondant will not melt, you can safely use it as a basis. Otherwise, it is necessary to prepare a new cream.

In addition, we need to very carefully align the surface of the cake. Be careful to avoid any jagged edges, horbky or lumpy.

Cream under mastic

Under the mastic will not do the whipped cream and sour cream, but perfect cream from the oil. There are several recipes for this cream.

Cream butter and condensed milk

200 g butter surmount to OSVETLENIE. Then add 200 g of condensed milk at room temperature and mix. If you add condensed milk straight from the fridge, the butter may curdle from the cold. This cream freezes well and is suitable for placement of the figures. However, many feel the taste of butter.

The buttercream on the proteins

8 bring down protein from 450 g of sugar. Then heat on a slow fire or water bath, adding a pinch of salt. All the time stir, so as not stuck. Once the sugar has melted, remove from heat and cool. Hammer 600 g quality butter until creamy. Then bring down whites to the "sharp peaks". While whisking add gradually the butter. Weight should increase in 1,5 – 2 times. Whisk until then, until the cream begins to Shine. This cream is very tolerant of any kind of dyes. Skillful Housewives make it even flowers for the cake, which are then frozen.

Cream ganache

200 g of cream, bring to boil. Add 200 g finely chopped milk chocolate. Once the chocolate melts, remove the mixture from the heat and whisk. Put in the refrigerator, preferably overnight. Before use, remove 2-3 hours before.

To prepare the cake under the fondant, should be a time to coat the cake, fill it with great donations. Then put into the refrigerator for an hour. The second time, to miss the mark and smooth out minor irregularities, to put it in the refrigerator. Hot knife again to level up, after that he's ready to cover with fondant.