You will need
  • - Kerosene
  • - Vegetable oil
  • - Hot pepper
  • Woolen cloth
  • - Chestnuts
  • - Vodka
  • - Plaster splint
Massage the patient can do themselves. It starts with the Palmar surface of the forearm. You need to embrace the forearm of a healthy hand in the region of the wrist joint, while the thumb should be on the palm of your hand. Circular movements of the thumb, with moderate pressure, massage the Palmar surface of the forearm for 5 minutes.
The opposite side of the forearm you need to massage with four fingers. Produce light circular strokes in the direction from the palm to the elbow. Duration of massage - about two minutes.
The patient finger massage brush exercise the thumb and index finger of the healthy hand. A mild pressure to massage each finger from the nail to its base. Each finger is spend about thirty seconds.
Welcome, if the massage will be combined with physical therapy. Most of the exercises included in the complex physical therapy, performed with both hands simultaneously.
Put your hands on the table palms down. Spread fingers apart and bring them back to the starting position. Sick hand do this exercise more intense than healthy. Repeat the exercise ten times.
Put your hands on the table palms up. Bend the fingers into a fist so that the thumb was on top, then in reverse order. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
Put your hands on the table palms up. Squeeze your fingers in a pinch. Do exercise all your fingers 10-15 times.
Put the patient brush edge and thumb lift up. Bend your four fingers and thumb, pull back. Do the exercise ten times.
At the beginning of the disease and after the surgery will be effective recipes of traditional medicine, which can be applied in the form of rastertime, tinctures and compresses.
Take 250 ml. of kerosene, the same amount of vegetable oil and ten pods of hot pepper. Pepper mince, mix with oil and kerosene. The mixture should infuse for 10 days and then strain. This solution is rubbed over the patient's palm and wrapped with woolen cloth.
Take 400-500 g of pre-treated chestnut fruits and fill it with vodka (500 grams) for three weeks. Strain the solution, you can grate them a hand. This recipe is used when pain syndrome.
Often used in the treatment of langenau bandage for fixation of the fingers. Splints come from the mid forearm to the tips of the fingers, fixing them, thus, in position of extension. Splints are usually used at night.
Surgery is the last step in the treatment of Dupuytren's contracture and shown the ineffectiveness of other treatment methods. It is performed for patients who have a finger on the patient brush reaches the bending angle of thirty degrees.
Aponeurotomy needle is the percutaneous puncture of the Palmar aponeurosis injection needle. Manipulation is carried out in different directions and damage individual fibers of the aponeurosis that is able to bring the affected finger from the vicious position. This method is indicated for patients with severe decompensated disease, however, the rate of recurrence reaches 50%.
Total excision of the aponeurosis speaks for itself, i.e., the aponeurosis excised completely, regardless of the defeat pathological process.
Segmental resection is the most common technique and is considered the most correct. Then only the changed segment from the base to the point of attachment to the finger.