Advice 1: How to make a birth certificate of the child

To issue the birth certificate of the child is not so difficult. Enough to collect three types of documents and to contact the registry office at the place of residence of one of the parents within one month after the appearance of the baby born.
The birth certificate is the first official document of a person. If you compare the procedure for obtaining a document with some others, it is not so difficult. But in any case, you should know a number of nuances in order to avoid unpleasant situations and not to waste precious time.

The appeal to the Registrar

To obtain a birth certificate, you must contact the local Registrar's office. Already at this stage can lead to confusion, since the marriage can be registered in any office of the Registrar, but to get the certificate, it is important to appeal to the authorized body at the place of residence of one of the young parents.

After the child is born, the Hospital issued a certificate of birth, you need to provide to the Registrar within one month. The deadline to provide existing legislation.

What documents are needed for obtaining a birth certificate

Before heading to the registry office, you need to have on hand the following documents:

- certificate of birth of the child, which has already been mentioned above;
- passport of the father and the mother;
- certificate of marriage of the parents, if any.

After submission of all required documents, a birth certificate is usually issued immediately. It fit the surname, name, patronymic of the baby, date and place of birth, information about parents. In addition, the Registrar must give a certificate of the form No. 24. It is needed in order to obtain social benefits at birth.

In cases where the child's parents are married, contact the Registrar's office can be one of them. If the parents are not officially registered in marriage, you must be together. Then has made the act of proving paternity. After the preparation of the act, the birth certificate will be submitted data on the father.

There are cases when the mother does not want to amend the birth certificate of your child information about the father. In this case, she comes alone and she is awarded the status of single mothers. It is important that the child's father was not against such procedures, otherwise the case could go to trial.

Further action

After receiving the document necessary to register the child's place of residence. Also important is the procedure of getting insurance policy and citizenship. In some cases, citizenship can be postponed. But if the child's parents are sent abroad, the status of citizen of the Russian Federation mandatory. Also citizenship is required to receive the parent capital at a birth of the second child.

Advice 2 : How to obtain a birth certificate of the child

Certificate of birth – the first and most important document that your child will receive. And to obtain it in the first month of baby's life.
How to obtain a birth certificate of the child
In order to obtain the certificate of birth of the child (and also officially register the fact of its birth), must apply to the Registrar at the place of birth of the baby (or the place of residence of his parents or one of them). The statement must attach a certificate of birth of the baby (it is given in the hospital) and the passports of both parents (single mothers – just your passport). In addition, since in the certificate of birth indicated that only information about the mother of the baby, you will need to submit the documents on the basis of which the certificate will enter the father of the child. It could be a marriage certificate, a court decision or a joint statement of both parents.
If the marriage between the parents of the child was officially – apply to the Registrar any of the parents. If the registration is managed by dad, the information on the mother will be made on the basis of information from the hospital. The parents are not married, it is best to come to check the baby together and write a joint statement.
When registering, the baby gets the same name as the parent. If mom and dad have different names, then by agreement of the parents of the child can record on any of them. The name of the child choose the parents, and the patronymic is written in the name of the father. If the child registers a single mother, the middle name for the baby she chooses independently, and the data of the father may not be specified.
If none of the parents of the child can not personally appear before the Registrar for registration of newborn, evidence of birth can obtain the family of one of the parents (with a passport and a power of attorney from the parents or the hospital staff where the baby was born.

Advice 3 : How to obtain a birth certificate of the Russian Federation

The birth of a new man must be formalized by a certificate of birth. This document to obtain a passport the child will be primary. Useful it a few more times and then, for example, at retirement. So to store it it is necessary very carefully throughout life. And in case of loss to restore. So, how to obtain a birth certificate?
How to obtain a birth certificate of the Russian Federation
Select the child name and surname (provided that the names of the parents are different) and patronymic (if a child draws a single mother). If the procedure for establishing paternity will not be instituted, the child is registered to the name of the mother. Information about the father in this case filled with her mother's words, or not filled at all. Single moms who want to establish paternity will have to pay the state duty in the amount of 100 RUB.
Come personally, in the registry office at your place of registration or place of birth. Or to the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation – if you are abroad. To yourself you must have a certificate from the hospital (or medical facility) established sample - her young mother be given at discharge. If the parents are legally married, to register the personal presence of only one of them. At itself it is necessary to have a marriage certificate and passport of the spouse. If the couple came together, a marriage certificate is not required. If the marriage is not formalized, it is to be present when registering the child needs both parents. If none of the parents (for whatever reason) personally can not attend, to register the baby issued a power of attorney to someone of his relatives or employees of the medical institution.
Please fill out the application form, which will be given in the office. Wait until the Registrar will check the correctness of your application and will review both documents. If everything is correct, you will receive a birth certificate for the child in his arms for about 10 minutes.
Keep as their own birth certificate and evidence of your children. If you have lost a document, contact the Registrar's office with the statement for the reissuance of a birth certificate. You need to have a passport and proof of name change (if it occurred). The results of repeated document will have to pay legal costs (100 rubles). To obtain a duplicate birth certificate will be in about a month.
Newborns are supposed to register within one month. Although the law permits later registration. However, not having a birth certificate, you will not be able to register small, to issue him citizenship, to obtain insurance and to benefit from the provisions under the law you and benefits.
Useful advice
In large cities, in addition to the usual offices of the Registrar, there are also the so-called "Palaces of Babes", in which you can register the child and obtain a birth certificate in the special solemn atmosphere.

Advice 4 : How to make birth certificate of the child

The certificate of birth of a child is one of the first important documents in the life of the baby. It fixed the date of birth, information about parents, the name of the child. The document is issued in the registry offices.
How to make birth certificate of the child
You will need
  • - medical certificate about the birth of the child;
  • - the passport of the mother;
  • - the passport of the father;
  • - marriage certificate;
  • - receipt of payment of state duty;
  • - application of parents or one of them;
  • - a notarized power of attorney of the representative and his passport.
Obtaining certificate of birth is very symbolic, it is officially recorded data on the kid, his surname, patronymic and name. This document will be the main, until obtaining a passport, which is issued at the age of 14 years.
You will be able to issue a certificate of birth in the registry office at the place of residence or place of birth. In the case when the child is born abroad, clearance is possible in the consular institutions of the Russian Federation.
The certificate you will be issued the same day, subject to the submission of the required list of documents. You need to fill application form, pay a state duty in the amount of 200 rubles. Then, show employees of the registry office marriage certificate, copy of his passport and father's child, a certificate issued by the hospital at discharge and a written statement with a request for the issuance of the certificate.
If you are in an officially registered marriage with the father of the child, it is enough presence of one of the spouses, otherwise, you will have to apply together. Each parent must fill out a separate form and indicate your personal data. Important verbal agreement on the recognition of the child's father.
If the child was born in wedlock, but his father is another person, the mother should be reported when filling out the certificate of birth. Otherwise, the baby's father will be recorded as official husband. Sometimes you need to get a formal establishment of paternity. In this case, the decision of the court to establish this fact, which must be presented to the employees of the registry office.
If you obtain a certificate of the birth parents of the child are unable due to various reasons, you can issue a power of attorney to another person to authorize it to take such action. Such document shall be notarized.
In accordance with the law, you must issue a certificate of the form No. 24, which will further be required to issue a list of benefits.
The certificate of birth must be obtained within one month from the moment of birth of the child, if a medical certificate is lost, you can obtain a duplicate. In the first year of baby's life certificate birth can give the court.
If the birth took place not in a medical facility, you will need to confirm the fact of birth of the child. Can you give the person who confirms the fact of birth. Sometimes the authorities require additional evidence. At times, the fact of birth has to prove in court. If the mother went to the hospital after the birth, she will issue a medical certificate in the institution.
In the document the surname, a name, a patronymic of the child, date of birth, place, information about parents, their nationality and, if desired, a nationality. Furthermore, the prescribed date of issue of the certificate and individual number.
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