The birth certificate is the first official document of a person. If you compare the procedure for obtaining a document with some others, it is not so difficult. But in any case, you should know a number of nuances in order to avoid unpleasant situations and not to waste precious time.

The appeal to the Registrar

To obtain a birth certificate, you must contact the local Registrar's office. Already at this stage can lead to confusion, since the marriage can be registered in any office of the Registrar, but to get the certificate, it is important to appeal to the authorized body at the place of residence of one of the young parents.

After the child is born, the Hospital issued a certificate of birth, you need to provide to the Registrar within one month. The deadline to provide existing legislation.

What documents are needed for obtaining a birth certificate

Before heading to the registry office, you need to have on hand the following documents:

- certificate of birth of the child, which has already been mentioned above;
- passport of the father and the mother;
- certificate of marriage of the parents, if any.

After submission of all required documents, a birth certificate is usually issued immediately. It fit the surname, name, patronymic of the baby, date and place of birth, information about parents. In addition, the Registrar must give a certificate of the form No. 24. It is needed in order to obtain social benefits at birth.

In cases where the child's parents are married, contact the Registrar's office can be one of them. If the parents are not officially registered in marriage, you must be together. Then has made the act of proving paternity. After the preparation of the act, the birth certificate will be submitted data on the father.

There are cases when the mother does not want to amend the birth certificate of your child information about the father. In this case, she comes alone and she is awarded the status of single mothers. It is important that the child's father was not against such procedures, otherwise the case could go to trial.

Further action

After receiving the document necessary to register the child's place of residence. Also important is the procedure of getting insurance policy and citizenship. In some cases, citizenship can be postponed. But if the child's parents are sent abroad, the status of citizen of the Russian Federation mandatory. Also citizenship is required to receive the parent capital at a birth of the second child.