Preparation of focus groups

To begin with the most clearly prescribes the purpose of the study. The phrase "to know what people think" will not work. You need to decide what is important to know the company's leadership: like it or not people like their product, what is not satisfied customers, what problems in the process arise, etc.

The participants in the focus groups – ordinary people, selected on criteria such as gender, age, marital status, income and preferences for certain brands. For standard focus group needed 8-10 people. Interviews moderator – a person specially trained in psychological education. His task: to ask questions, to control the interaction between the participants to ensure that discussion does not depart from the main theme.

After approval of the list of participants and approval of the host begins preparing the room, handouts, samples, etc. For a couple of days before the study invited people to ring up and remind them of the focus group.

Conducting focus groups

The duration of focus groups ranged from 1.5 to 3 hours. In the beginning the moderator welcomed the invitees, meets with them and explains the purpose of the study. If the room is the presence of observers from the staff or management of the company, they are respondents.

In 10-15 minutes the host asks General questions regarding the activities of the firm that is known about it as long people use her products, etc. the Purpose of this survey is to liberate the audience, adjust to the desired wave. Then the moderator moves on to the main issues that meet the objectives of the study. The discussion should take about an hour. The facilitator needs to give a voice to each participant and to prevent the dominance of some respondents over others.

After discussing all the important topics is a small break. Members can relax, socialize among themselves, and the moderator and observers to discuss the progress of the study to assess its effectiveness. If the company satisfied with the results, the participants of the focus group thank you for your cooperation, pay and go home.

The pros and cons of conducting focus groups

The main advantage of focus groups is that it enables management to observe the real consumers of their products and services. Invited participants can speak freely explaining their opinion.

The disadvantages of this study include the reluctance of unfamiliar people together to discuss intimate, monetary topics, questions related to the purchase of expensive real estate or transport. Also it is difficult to collect consumer goods rare stamps and business people.