To determine the consumption of electricity, it is sufficient to use the formula:W = P·t·T where:W – the consumption of electricity in kWh;P is the power consumed by the power consumers (the electric device) in kW;t – time end user on the day in hours;T – number of days of operation of the end user.
In turn, the power consumption is calculated by the formula:P = robs·K, where:robs – total installed capacity;K is the factor of demand. The value of the coefficient will be based on the number of consumers, volume of download. It can be taken from reference material.
So, we can conclude that the consumption of electricity is directly affected by two factors: the capacity of the device and time of use. For consumers of electricity is not only an economic necessity but also a product which can and should save. This will not only help to save money for other needs, but neither more nor less – to save the planet from destruction of resources. After all, to power station generated electricity, we must burn certain amount of fuel or wood.
Unfortunately, to calculate self-consumption of household electricity with great precision is very difficult, because some devices have different functions during which they consume different amount of energy. For example, the work cycle of the washing machine includes a set of water, heat, washing, drying etc. So the figures are approximate. In order to achieve a certain precision, the use of automatic calculation system of electricity, to put it simply, counters.
Energopotreblenii appliance is, of course, a refrigerator. It usually runs for days and consumes at least 30% of all electricity. More modest in comparison with him are washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, etc. when Buying a new electrical appliance, you should immediately see its power consumption. Typically, the "tricked" technique, the more it consumes. To inform buyers of technical equipment are divided into classes of energy efficiency: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. the Most economical technique belongs to class A, B and C.
Often consumers efficient use of appliances, but forget about the other absorber of electricity – light bulb. Do not leave the light where it is not needed, and the light bulb is the best replacement for energy saving. They are much more expensive than usual, but its durability will pay for energy costs.