Advice 1: How to determine the power consumption

Consumption of electricity is affected by many factors. Most energy is usually spent on lighting, so measures to reduce the expenditure of electricity it is better to start in this category.
How to determine the power consumption
To determine the consumption of electricity, it is sufficient to use the formula:W = P·t·T where:W – the consumption of electricity in kWh;P is the power consumed by the power consumers (the electric device) in kW;t – time end user on the day in hours;T – number of days of operation of the end user.
In turn, the power consumption is calculated by the formula:P = robs·K, where:robs – total installed capacity;K is the factor of demand. The value of the coefficient will be based on the number of consumers, volume of download. It can be taken from reference material.
So, we can conclude that the consumption of electricity is directly affected by two factors: the capacity of the device and time of use. For consumers of electricity is not only an economic necessity but also a product which can and should save. This will not only help to save money for other needs, but neither more nor less – to save the planet from destruction of resources. After all, to power station generated electricity, we must burn certain amount of fuel or wood.
Unfortunately, to calculate self-consumption of household electricity with great precision is very difficult, because some devices have different functions during which they consume different amount of energy. For example, the work cycle of the washing machine includes a set of water, heat, washing, drying etc. So the figures are approximate. In order to achieve a certain precision, the use of automatic calculation system of electricity, to put it simply, counters.
Energopotreblenii appliance is, of course, a refrigerator. It usually runs for days and consumes at least 30% of all electricity. More modest in comparison with him are washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, etc. when Buying a new electrical appliance, you should immediately see its power consumption. Typically, the "tricked" technique, the more it consumes. To inform buyers of technical equipment are divided into classes of energy efficiency: A, B, C, D, E, F and G. the Most economical technique belongs to class A, B and C.
Often consumers efficient use of appliances, but forget about the other absorber of electricity – light bulb. Do not leave the light where it is not needed, and the light bulb is the best replacement for energy saving. They are much more expensive than usual, but its durability will pay for energy costs.

Advice 2 : How to determine the capacity of the new refrigerator

Power consumption of the refrigerator is called the maximum possible energy consumption for the most efficient operation of the unit. When buying a new device of many owners are interested in the present and not specified in the user power – so how can we define it independently?
How to determine the capacity of the new refrigerator

All about the power of the refrigerator

To power the fridge directly related to such characteristics as energy consumption, energy efficiency, overall performance, additional features, and power freeze. Power is called the rated amount of electricity that the unit spends on its operation, while energy efficiency is a rational amount of energy consumed by the running refrigerator.

The freezing capacity of the refrigerator is the ability to freeze a certain number of products per day.

The very power of the cooling unit depends on its external dimensions, and the compressor power, fan power, insulation gasket and use additional functions. Various manufacturers produce refrigerators, the freezing capacity which varies markedly. Class of unit usually written on the rating label – the letters A, B, C, D, E, G, mean degree of its efficiency. Refrigerators with the label A, B or C represent economical class, with the letter D – intermediate value, and E and G are high power consumption of the unit. Today the market is mainly dominated by refrigerators A, b and C-class.

Find out the capacity of the refrigerator

To independently measure the power of a modern refrigerator, you can use a multimeter, measure them a reading circuit of the refrigerator while the compressor is running. The values obtained must be multiplied by the mains voltage (220V), however it should be noted that when the compressor starts, the chain will go current in excess of the nominal value of the voltage two or three times. Therefore, the reading must be multiplied by 3 – if the power measured for the connection of the voltage regulator, the multiplier also need to add the required capacity stabilizer.

The average power of a modern cooling unit, stated in the instructions that traditionally is not more than 250 watts, but after measuring it can reach 500 watts.

To reduce power consumption of the refrigerator, open the appliance door briefly and not too often. Also, the air heated by the rear wall, must circulate freely so that the Assembly rarely switched off and consumes less energy. For this ventilation grill refrigerator need to be kept open. Food before placing in the fridge must be cooled down, and the ice accumulated on the freezer evaporator to remove at least once a month.

Advice 3 : Herbicides to kill weeds: species and methods of use

Pesticides serve to protect plants from pests and to destroy the weeds, but they do it in different ways. There are two major groups of these "defenders-killers" – contact and systemic.
Herbicides are contact and systemic
The first group of contact pesticides. These substances that kill pests and weeds by direct contact with them. Systemic pesticides penetrate the plant tissue and attack it from the inside, and pest then when he decides to start eating the plants.

The system of classification of plant protection products are divided into eight categories – the objects of their application:

- insecticides kill insects-pests;
- kharitidi struggling with mites;
- nematicide protect the plant from nematodes;
- rodenticide help to destroy rodents;
the fungicides protect against fungi;
- herbicides fight weeds;
- arboricity protect against woody weeds;
- bactericides are responsible for fighting bacteria.

The best chemicals for weed control are considered "Linter", "Sniper", "Lontrel" and "roundup".

"Linter" and "Lontrel"

"Linter" and "Lontrel" is an effective antinomie herbicides systemic action. They help protect the lawn from clover, dandelion, plantain, dandelion, knotweed and other weeds. Complete disappearance of the weed is guaranteed within 2-4 weeks and the first symptoms of the death of the weeds will occur after 8-10 days. These herbicidal products produced in the form of a water dispersion granules that dissolve easily in water and odorless.


"Roundup" refers to a generic herbicide. It is designed for continuous or directed the destruction of the "hardy" perennial, dicotyledonous weeds and grass weeds. Mostly used during the development of new land or the preparation of land for planting, removal of undesirable vegetation along buildings, fences, walkways.


"Sniper" is a herbicide directional. Treatment with the drug really reminds point shots sniper rifle: liquid from a bottle with an applicator applied directly to the weed leaves. It is a contact herbicide. After applying the "Sniper" is distributed to organs and tissues of the plant, resulting perish all parts of the weed plants: aboveground and underground.

When using herbicides it is necessary to strictly abide by the rules. Children and adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, sick people should not be allowed to work with poisons.

Preparation of the solution and work with the drugs are carried in special protective clothing or rubber apron, rubber gloves, safety glasses, and gauze-cotton respirators, protecting nose and mouth from the invasion of harmful vapors.
Keep herbicides in tightly closed, away from food. Dishes, which prepared the solution, buried in a specially prepared pit. Hoses, sprayers and pollinators thoroughly washed and cleaned.

Solutions of chemicals were prepared before use. Processing plants need to be in the evening or in the morning. Spraying produces small suspended aqueous solution in the absence of heavy dew and rain. Pollination produces thin powder layer after condensation.

Advice 4 : What is the power consumption PC

Electricity consumption is one of the most important settings that you should pay attention to when choosing and buying a personal computer. It depends on the computer capacity and the load on it.
What is the power consumption PC
The power consumption PC is directly connected with the power components included in the PC, as well as the degree of congestion of different software. Thus it turns out that, for example, if you buy a powerful power supply, it will consume much more electricity. It is worth remembering that the more processes will be running on the computer, the more will be consumed in the power supply, respectively, and electricity will be consumed much more. Much more importance is the purpose of running processes, that is, if you just work in the browser, the electricity will be consumed much less, and if you play games or work with demanding graphics applications, then more. The result is that all three of these factors (power supply, number and complexity of processes) directly affect the energy consumption.

Electricity consumption by the computer

Standard office system unit with operating office applications mainly consumes from 250 to 350 watts per hour. A more powerful computer that is running graphics applications and games, respectively, will consume more electricity, for an average of 450 watts per hour. Do not forget about the input devices and output information, which also consume electricity. Modern monitors today use 60 to 100 watt/hour. As for printers and other peripherals, they consume about 10% of the electricity, so they use about 16-17 watt.

The average cost

If you expect the average cost of electricity consumed by personal computer per month, it is enough to multiply the cost for 30 days. For example, if we take the maximum cost of one kilowatt-hour at the Moscow rates, it turns out, about of 3.80 rubles. Thus it appears that if you use a standard office computer to the limit for the entire month and the consumption of electricity from 250-350 watt/hour cost per month 950-1330 rubles (if to use the computer more than 8 hours daily, every month). Gaming computer, respectively, will consume much more electricity, therefore, and money to use such a device to spend more. Of course, the final quantity of electricity consumed depends on how much time you will use the computer and under what conditions.
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