You will need
  • Calculator, spreadsheet, Excel
First analyze the problem statement. You need to understand what exactly is required of you - the answer is in the form of percentages or fractions.
If the problem statement says that we need to calculate, what part from the whole is something you have to provide the answer as a proper fraction (where the numerator is more than denominator). You need to get both numbers (and part and whole) were intact. If one (or both) are decimal fractions, domnain both ten (or 100, 1000, in General, until they become integers. Next recordable portion above the fraction bar, and the whole is under it. Preferably, but not necessarily, reduce the fraction (divide the numerator and denominator by a common factor.
If we are told to count the share or are asked to visualize numeric data, it is necessary to give the answer in percent. For this we repeat the previous step, then divide the numerator by the denominator (you can use a calculator or a table processor). Received the decimal should be multiplied by 100%.
In order to make the decision seemed even more obvious, you can create a chart in Excel. To do this, enter the number of: (a) and (whole minus part) in cells empty tables, then highlight those fields and use the chart wizard in the toolbar. Practice shows that the most informative are pie charts and histograms.
An example of a pie chart