What is worth listening to

When you make difficult choices, psychologists recommend not to listen to the arguments of reason and to his heart. The fact that our logic is often constrained by a variety of doubts and contradictions, as well as complexes and imposed beliefs. Meanwhile, our senses are a lot more sincere. If a person always follows the heart, then he has no regrets about something that has not been done. Psychologists believe that deep down, everyone knows exactly how it should be done, in any case, when the decision concerns their own lives.

Is there a good way to determine what you feel in the moment. Take a coin and flip it. Throw what you truly want, then you will be happy to do it. If you do not like the choice of coin, the answer is obvious: you want entirely different! So do what you want, contrary to the coin.

Not enough information

At times, even throwing a coin, you cannot come to the right decision, simply because both options seem equally good or bad. In this case, the problem is usually lack of information. Try to find out more about the solutions that you found. Probably some of them in the future or when considering the detail will be less profitable. Will figure it out, and then be able to make a choice.


There are situations that need to be modeled, presenting the possible consequences of the decision. In order best to take a piece of paper and paint that is waiting for you in either case. What are the criteria for development important to you? Rate them of the situation that will prevail after each solution. Then it will be clear what action you should take.

The view from afar

Often people are tormented by doubts, harassing questions, how well they did in a particular case, and did not need to do otherwise. If you are familiar with this, try to look at the situation differently. Remember that you live not one day, not one month or even one year. Try to look at their actions from afar, as if it took 20-30 years or more. Most likely, you will see how good or bad your action. And maybe you do realize how small a problem you care about.

It is impossible to predict everything

Whatever methods of analysis and forecasting the consequences of their actions you may apply the still life is arranged so that it is impossible to foresee everything. There are such actions, the result of which may only show the time. And that is not a fact yet that it will do it for you. Maybe are you right now, you can only know your descendants centuries later.