A simple phone e-mail you cannot send the machine must be made to configure e-mail, is a service option that does not provide all operators of cellular communication. For the configuration, send a letter with text messages (up to 160 characters) in the international format + For example, +7095*******
Service to get letters with e-mail in the form of SMS messages provides the Beeline. To use this, send to number 784 command: SIM – incl.- mail SMS Yes. Or just call the number 06849909.
In response you will receive SMS-message with an e-mail phone: "Your phone has a Mail-address: 7903*******". Letter for receiving SMS instructions. On this address and send mail messages.
Please note that the field "Subject" on the phone is not sent, you will receive from the "body". If the "Latin" display, the message will come in transliteration. Large text divided into several SMS. The DSN comes with the first message. To read the continuation, you need to request a room 784, using the letter, such as D. will receive a continuation of (2) . If the message is finished, the letter is not specified. Replies with phone go with the letters.
If you use the services of MegaFon, then connect to the service: on number 5040, send an SMS with the word start. Follow the instructions of the system.
Another way: using a WAP interface. To register click on the WAP link and subscribe to a service, select disable.
You can use e-mail client, downloading MegaFon Mail. To do this, log in to the WEB-site in the menu "Settings" click on "Mobile settings", select "Use Java mail client".
Install the software on the phone by pressing the corresponding key. Save. When the mobile phone will receive the download message Java application download the app.