Method of writing a text SMS directly depends on the model of your mobile phone. Conventional devices have 10 standard push buttons of the character set: 10 digits, with the additional option of each key is a collection of several letters of the Russian and English alphabets. The first method of sending SMS-message – letter by letter. Open compose a new message. Enter text by clicking on the button with the desired letter. Let's see what this letter shown on the button of the phone. If she's the first, click once. If the second (for example, the letter "B"), hit twice, etc. Collect the word letter by letter, make sure that the screen flashed the word correctly. Use the button "C" to erase the last characters.
To separate the words from each other, use the Spacebar. Usually, it is located at button "0" or " * " depending on your phone model. For the production of punctuation marks need to switch the case or use the button "1".
For convenience and speed of typing, the phone is equipped with a dictionary of "T9". This program recognizes the dialed word by the first letters. Using "T9", press once on each key with the desired letter, regardless of where it is located. If the desired word is in the dictionary, the phone will recognize it and will contribute to the body of the message. If the word is unfamiliar, "T9" will prompt you to enter it "manually" by following the method No. 1.
Much easier to print a text in phones with qwerty keyboard. Every letter in them is in a certain key, and resembles a computer keyboard. Typing SMS in this phone, tap once for each desired button. Switch language layout, if you need to use the Latin alphabet. Buttons with foreign letters are on qwerty in the same order as on the computer keyboard.
Some touchscreen phones have the swype keyboard. It allows you to type SMS in one touch by swiping your finger across the screen. Open the window for creating a text. The swype keyboard is displayed on the screen in the same order as the qwerty. Click on the first letter of the word. Then, without lifting your finger, slide it over the keyboard, joining the letters in the correct sequence. Denoting the last letter, lift your finger. The word appears in the message box. Hit the space bar and texting on.