Remember that a personal thing mandatory is only for employees of public service departments, and all other employers take the decision on conducting or not conducting personal Affairs on your own. However, if the decision on maintenance of personal files of employees was made to execute the documentation should be in accordance with the rules of record keeping.
Part of the personal file of the employee includes a large amount of documentation including employee profile, his background, recommendations and specifications, documents on the obtained education, etc. One of the essential attributes of the personal file of the employee is an internal inventory of documents of the case.
Make an internal inventory of the documents is the first document attached to case. As a personal matter is formed in chronological order, in a similar way is prepared and the inventory. Thus, initially, the inventory entered, the entire list of documents issued and received from the employee when applying for a job. In the future, with new documents, documents hemming in and make an inventory in chronological order.
In the conduct of personal Affairs officer each filed document assign a sequence number. Separate numbering tag of the page. In addition, depending on the category of the document, it assigns a special index.
When entering data into the internal inventory of documents from the personal file, specify information about the index number and the index of each document, complete the document name and the number of sheets in a case that the document takes. The leaves, which conducted the inventory, number separately from the General array case. Internal inventory by verifying its own signature and its transcript indicating the position. Correct filling of the internal inventory that allows you to organize personnel files and to make access to the employee information in a convenient and expeditious.