The conditions of detention

Chicken house-laying hens is equipped with everything necessary. Floor to make it concrete or earthen leave. In the latter case it must be ensured that between walls and floors without gaps, which could penetrate predators. Even small holes close up, as the weasel, the ferret is dangerous to birds beasts that are able to even get through them.

In the shed ought to not be drafty. For every square meter of selite no more than five hens. Then they will be in the house freely. On the floor be sure to lay a bed of straw and hay. The extent of contamination change it for a new one.

Organize the roosts for the chickens. The diameter of the sticks – 8 cm, each hen laid at least 20 cm of the pole. 5-6 laying hens designed one nest. Here birds lay eggs. If birds began to lay eggs in the wrong place, take out all the eggs in the nest put badklader. This role can perform not only the egg, but, for example, a tennis ball.

In the period of short daylight hours increase it artificially. To do this, place in the chicken coop 2-3 bulbs 4-8 watts. Turn them on in the morning and evening. In the gloomy autumn and winter days let them burn all day. Then the chickens will be laying and late autumn.

Equip poultry paddock. She needs the UV rays. It is possible to produce chickens up there in the cold, if the frost does not exceed-12 ° C. The range must be connected to the shed, to the birds, when frozen, could come to him to get warm.

For hygiene, to get rid of parasites, chickens "bathe". Make them a dry bath by mixing sand with ash in the ratio 2:1. The filler must be periodically replaced.

For egg production the presence of a rooster has no effect. If no task is hatching, you can keep hens alone, without a date.


The diet of laying hens must be balanced. The basis of it is grains, fresh and boiled vegetables. The lionfish are preparing fodder. To do this, lay in a narrow wooden trough boiled in their skins potatoes and cut it into small pieces with a chaff (a shovel with a wooden handle and a flat iron tip). To the potatoes add the grain – millet, barley or oats, mix. Here pour mineral supplements. Sometimes hens lay eggs without the shell, so starved for calcium. Add to the mash chalk, crushed limestone and the shell of boiled eggs. Will help and mineral Supplement "Layer", it is sold in stores for gardeners.

In the spring, as soon as the first nettle, it should be collected, finely chop and also put in a mash. It is an excellent vitamin Supplement. Chickens who eat a sufficient amount of greens, the yolks of eggs laid bright yellow and even orange.

The bird should always be in the presence of water. Wet mash sometimes clog their nostrils, so the chickens are washed breathing apparatus in water, drink water. It should be changed every day, and in the heat 2-3 times a day.