First of all, the absence of menstruation can be associated with fertilization and pregnancy. The reason for this is revealed by a test, a blood test for HCG, a pelvic examination. As a rule, after the appearance of the baby born menstruation begins again.

The second reason is the cessation of menses and lactation, during which menstruation may be completely absent, having irregular or too scarce.

It can also happen that after menarche for 2-3 years, delays may occur for several months. You need to show the girl the children's gynecologist, who will answer all your questions.

Menopause is another reason for the cessation of menstruation. After 40 years of a woman's body undergoes hormonal changes associated with fertility. As a rule, first observed abnormal cycle, and then menstrual periods.

Menstrual disorders occur when changing lifestyle. for example, sudden weight loss, exhaustion, frequent nervous shocks and stresses of climate changes, hormonal failure in the body.

The last common cause is diseases of the genital organs. For example, a cyst of the corpus luteum leads not only to violation of the cycle, but also the emergence of a pulling pain in ovaries and lower back. Inflammatory process of the fallopian tubes and ovaries also there is the cessation of menstruation, which is accompanied by sharp pain in the groin.

In any case, to normalize a cycle, you should immediately consult a doctor, in order to ascertain the cause and prescribe appropriate treatment. After this, menstruation will recover.