Advice 1: Why outta the loop

Every woman has a unique menstrual cycle, the length of which varies from 21 to 35 days. But perfectly smooth between two cycleAMI usually does not happen, because their duration is affected by too many different factors. It is important to ensure that a failure in the cyclee are not caused by serious diseases that from time to time "asleep" in the body, does not prove itself.
Why outta the loop
The length of the cycleand can vary widely in young girls: regular he sometimes becomes only a year since the appearance of first menstruation discharge.Irregular periods often worry and women aged 45 to 55 years, when the cycle is gradually fading. It is not considered a pathology, if there are any other abnormalities.Normal cycle- diffraction process in a woman's body (i.e., the maturation of the dominant follicle, ovulation and the rejection of the endometrium) can be stopped under the influence of various stressful situations or even with small disturbances, such as change of work or residence. After normalization of food, good rest and sometimes the use of drugs cycle is established again.Failure to cyclecan occur when changes in climatic conditions, which turned out to be a woman. For example, if she flew from Northern to the southern hemisphere or went to the Arctic. Causes of disorders of the menstrual cycleand can be severe infectious diseases, and various intoxications, such as alcohol, Smoking, drugs, harmful substances in the workplace. Such a nuisance may also result from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, liver and blood diseases.Dramatically change the course of the cycleand the ability and change of diet. Starvation and lack of food of vitamins and minerals in the body, apparently, also perceives as stress. The same happens when a sudden weight gain or, conversely, during rapid weight loss.Sometimes the cycle slips due to medication, though, as physicians consider, often this happens if the woman herself, without medical advice, "assigns" itself and takes any medication. Especially dangerous in this respect, hormones and dubious weight loss products.Endocrine diseases can also manifest themselves in disorders of the menstrual cycle. These include diabetes mellitus, a disorder of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland.A significant impact on the cycle of monthly discharge can provide some of the processes occurring in the cortex after trauma, bruises and contusions of the brain.And, of course, the most common causes of violations of the cycleand menstruation are "women's" diseases like endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovaries, inflammatory processes in the uterus and its appendages, and many others. To restore the cycle and, consequently, health will help timely treatment to the doctor.

Advice 2 : Why change the cycle

Regulation of the menstrual cycle in women is a fairly complicated process dependent on many factors. He is under the influence of the Central nervous system and glands of internal secretion, as well as overall health.
Why change the cycle
It should be remembered that the duration of the menstrual cycle can vary and under normal condition of the body. Most often, the cycles of different duration can appear in young girls at puberty when the menstrual function only set. Can also change the cycle when moving from one geographical area to another, particularly when moving to a different time zone. But in this case the normal duration of the cycle is restored within two to three months.The cycle can change when taking hormonal contraceptive drugs. In this case, just the body gets the hormonal profile, due to the constant flow of contraceptives into the body, and menstrual bleeding occurs regularly, within 1-2 days after receiving another package which contains all the hormones in accordance with the phases of the normal cycle.In other cases, violations of menstrual cycle indicate the problems that arise in a woman's body. Often the duration of the cycle "gets off" with severe General diseases of the body, but is restored when adequate treatment and nutrition. The same goes for craze diets, especially in those cases when the body fails to receive the right amount of certain foods. This equally applies to fatty foods (cholesterol is the precursor to all hormones of the human body) and protein, which is necessarily necessary for tissue repair.To change the duration of the next cycle after abortion in any trimester, and this may occur after medical abortion for early pregnancy and after any intervention at a later. That is why doctors say that abortion, in addition to the risk of infection, affect the normal functioning of the endocrine glands – hypothalamus, engaged in the Central regulation of the cycle, and to the ovaries in which there is secretion of estrogen and progesterone and ova (eggs). Infrequent changes of the cycle after birth, and in this case approximately six months later, the cycle can be restored completely.Can also occur violation cycle in inflammatory and hormonal diseases of the body, and some vascular brain lesions, which affect a region of the hypothalamus.

Advice 3 : What if the cycle is short

Short menstrual cycle may be an indicator of serious pathology. Women, faced with a similar problem, it is necessary to visit a doctor, as a reduction of the duration of the cycle may cause infertility.
What if the cycle is short

What is menstrual cycle is considered short

The normal duration of the menstrual cycle should be 21-31 day. There are cases where following menstruation in women occurs less than 21 days after the beginning of the previous one. Reducing the length of the menstrual cycle may indicate a number of serious pathologies.

Most often this kind of failure occurs because of various нарушениq the ovaries, the pituitary gland. Also this may be the consequence of surgical interventions, abortion, injuries, infections various kinds of infections. The cycle may become short, when woman long time in a state of stress, chronic fatigue. It may occur after discontinuation of oral contraceptives. Some ladies short cycle is a feature of their body.

Usually, in such situations, the duration of the menstrual period is shortened. Usually it takes no longer than 3 days. The selection can be quite poor.

What to do with a short menstrual cycle

If the duration of the menstrual cycle in women less than 21 days, this is an important reason for going to the doctor. After the patient's examination and referral for tests, the doctor decides what treatment is necessary.

If the cycle despite the shortening, you'll be normal ovulation, and the concentration of hormones in a woman's blood is within the normal range, it fully retains the ability to conceive. In this case hormonal therapy is not required. In the process of planning of pregnancy such pacientii should remember that they have ovulation occurs 7-8 days after the onset of menstruation. Thus, they can get pregnant in the first week after menstruation. To stabilize the cycle, the doctor may prescribe a sedative and tonic medicinal products, to advise plenty of rest.

In that case, if the expert fails to identify some violations, he may appoint a woman and hormone therapy. As a rule, this pathology is associated with excessive or not enough secretion of certain hormones.

Treatment is assigned depending on the definition, causes shortening of the menstrual cycle. For example, such violations can occur due to the premature resorption of the yellow body. The first phase of the cycle has a normal duration, ovulation occurs within the time frame, but the reduction of the cycle it causes shortening of the luteal phase. This pathology requires careful hormonal treatment.

Much more complex are considered to be situations in which the egg does not ripen at all, ovulation is absent. If a woman go to the doctor in a timely manner, it has a chance to cure this pathology.
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