The application of silver nitrate

At different superficial erosions, ulcers of the skin grease with 1-2% ointment or lotions make 2% solution of silver nitrate. Their use is particularly effective when the scab is delayed rough scar tissue or covered cracks. When weeping eczema, burns require more robust, 4-5%-s ' solutions. Stimulating the formation of the epithelium, they accelerate the healing of the skin.

Dermatitis, multiple ulcerations of the skin or make lotions with a solution of silver nitrate, or use the ointment Mikulich. It is made on the basis of silver nitrate with the addition of Vinylinum or Peruvian balsam (myroxylon).

Inflamed mucous membranes conjunctivitis, trachoma treated with a solution of very low concentration from 0.05% to 0.5%. They lubricate the patient's larynx in chronic laryngitis, when it is complicated with tumors in the form of thickened folds, rolls.

Silver has long been known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Before weak solutions of silver nitrate are often administered orally in the treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcers, frequent diarrhea. But today therapists a wide choice of more modern drugs.

The same fate befell the silver nitrate in obstetric practice. Now for the prevention of conjunctivitis and infections in newborns use mainly solution of sodium sulfacyl, or eye drops with antibiotics.

Concentrated silver nitrate is an effective cauterizing effect, stronger of tincture of iodine or green fodder. It is used when it is necessary to destroy tissue small benign tumors. To stop bleeding from small blood vessels or to remove warts can lyapisny pencil, very easy to use.

Lyapisny pencil

The method is particularly effective if you treat the warts three times in ten days. In this treatment, according to research, they disappear almost completely in half, and reduced to a third of patients.

But to remove the warts is possible with extreme caution and only with full conviction that this is warts, papillomas, and not suspicious growths that can degenerate into malignant tumors. In addition, no warts, you should not remove on my face – can form scars!

Contraindications and side effects

We have, for example, in England and in the Czech Republic the preparations of silver nitrate is sold without a prescription, and in USA they are banned because of their effectiveness and safety has not been proven.

For this reason, it is better not to use lapis during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Possible increased sensitivity of the organism to silver, and then the drugs are contraindicated.

Not for a long time and in large doses make solutions of silver nitrate inside, because there may be poisoning them argyria. Skin, nails, eyes, mucous membranes turn gray or brown. Argyria can also cause dysbiosis, if the recovered silver deposited in the stomach, intestines, kidneys or liver.