You will need
  • Surgical rubber gloves in the package, sterile cotton wool, the dropper in the package, lidocaine, alcohol, pierce (decoration-snail), chlorhexidine.
Piercing in the nose can have various types of piercings and different jewelry. At a puncture of a nose (a very rare procedure) in addition to the enhanced pain occur often postoperative complications. Decorations are used in this place in the form of rings, earrings, studs.
At a puncture of the nose near the septum between the right and left nostrils put ornaments in the form of half rings, rings, horseshoes with bead at the end. Most often, the punctures in the nose do only one nostril (on the side). Decorations in this case are used in the form of points on a straight rod or snail - curved metal hook with decoration (rhinestones, semi-precious or precious stone) on the outside of the rod.
Insert the snail in the nose can be in the home. But this is a rather dangerous procedure, possible infection, a puncture in the wrong place, bleeding, redness to purple color of the nose and the puncture site. Therefore it is better to give preference to the puncture in a tattoo parlor or a specialized cosmetic piercing. To operate such stores have at least two years, then you put yourself in the hands of professionals, not beginners, which will be for you to practice.
For those who decided to get piercings in the nose and insert the cochlea alone, it should be understood that all tools and your hands should be sterile procedure. Put the snail in alcohol to prodezinfitsirovat. Also disinfect the needle from the dropper, even if got it for from the sterile packaging.
The tube from the needle, do not remove, and also prospertity. It'll come in handy. Put on surgical gloves. Well rubbing alcohol nose at the puncture point with internal and external parties. If you can be patient, do not lubricate additionally nose anesthetic lidocaine, as it may cause an allergic skin reaction. But if you are afraid of pain, apply lidocaine to the future site of the puncture.
Remove the nostril and sharp movement pierce with a needle, you want to pull out, and the tube from the needle in a puncture place leave in place. Insert the tube inside the cochlea. Gently pull the tube out of the nose, holding the ornament. The snail itself must remain at the puncture site.
The snail in the nose is inserted. Left to take care of a puncture, oiling twice a day, a solution of chlorhexidine. Do not remove for longer than a day within six months, the snail from the nose, otherwise, the puncture will quickly become overgrown.