First you need to determine how the duration of your employment. This figure is one of the most important when calculating the level of pension for old age for every Russian.
Next, you need to calculate average earnings for any 60 months of work without interruption of service. Moreover, normally the accountant or HR professionals who issue the person a certificate of salary for a specified period of time.
The next step will be based on the average wage in the Russian Federation or the Soviet Union during the same period, and the average size of wages for three months of 2001, adjusted for inflation component.
And besides, you need to calculate the so-called related factor. This ratio is 55% for 20 and 25 years of service for women and men respectively, and for 40 years or more work activities the ratio should be 75%.
Considering all the data obtained to calculate the size of pension, you need to use a simple formula that looks as follows:Size of pension = (the related coefficient) x (average earnings for 60 months)/(average earnings in Russia or the Soviet Union during the same period ) x average salary in Russia for 3 months of 2001. (1)
However, this is not the final result, after several years on the territory of our state has an updated pension legislation to address the insurance part of pension. For such accounting need to use the ratio of Pension capital = (size of pension - basic part) x number of months of expected period of payment of pension (2)This number must be considered when calculating the insurance part: MF= (pension assets + insurance premiums) / 180. (3)In the end the pension will be the amount calculated in item (1) + the sum from paragraph (3).