Common causes of heel pain

Every day, the human foot is able to withstand enormous loads, thus causing various problems. The main causes of pain is considered to be:
- the formation of heel spurs;
- the plantar fascia;
- injury and inflammation of the tendons;
- injuries of the calcaneus;
- some infectious diseases;
- diseases of the joints.

Folk remedies against pain

The first step in the treatment of pain in the heels should be regarded as the choice of convenient shoes. That is incorrectly matched shoes is often the cause of pulling and aching pain. Perfect when inside the Shoe has an orthopedic insole, which allows to efficiently distribute the load across the foot. Women should abandon the high heels, which additionally load the heel pocket.

At constant pain it is recommended to arrange for the stop breaks. For example, after a long walk, take your shoes off and follow a simple massage. These activities can help to normalize the blood flow and prevent the deposition of salts.

When severe pain effective special anti-inflammatory drugs, which should be in every medicine Cabinet. Of course, you need to consult with your doctor to avoid complications.

An effective remedy to relieve inflammation and pain in the heel is the foot Spa. For better result you can add a decoction of herbs, cabbage juice, sea salt. But salt should be used with caution, since the presence of open wounds, a strong burning sensation.

Fairly affordable remedy – a poultice of raw potatoes. You need to grate crude potatoes on a small grater, the resulting slurry is spread on cloth and apply to the affected area. Top to apply a bandage and leave for a day. After a few treatments the pain will decrease significantly.

As poultices is recommended to use a tincture of lilac. For its preparation you will need dried flowers and vodka, mixed in a ratio of 1:10. After 7-10 days, the tincture can be applied to the patient heel, resulting in inflammation disappears and pain.

If folk remedies do not help, you should not delay going to a specialist. In some cases plantar fasciitis causes overgrowth of bone that brings with it its negative consequences. Watch carefully for stop condition to preserve the beauty and youthfulness of your feet.